Queen Elizabeth & her new Birthday Present!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by india-juliet, Apr 22, 2006.

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  1. Happy birthday Ma'am post suggestions here on what you would buy the queen for her birthday. What do you buy the woman who has everything and what sort of card do you buy her. One of those with a big glittery 'i am 80' badge? a saucy one. Do you go for woolworths or Argos vouchers??
    Suggestions here!!
  2. A swiss army knife with a special attachment for removing a corgi from members of the public.
  3. A new Prime Minister?
  4. They can be bought.
  5. anyone any other ideas? She looks well for her age i did not realise she was that old.
  6. a new family would not go amiss...
  7. whats wrong with the one she has, oh and by the way you can't buy families doh!!
  8. A t-shirt with "Windsor still sucks" on the front.

    Nah, that's rude, better not, never get my OBE now.
  9. You can in Bangladesh! :twisted:
  10. A house in the country?

    Nah, she got one, two, three....................
  11. I think the existing family has gone amiss enough already.