Queen Elizabeth barracks, Fleet, Hants

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by CaptainPlume, Jul 2, 2010.

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  1. I know the people on 28DL are exceptionally cliquey & come across a bit "rad" & "gnarly", but they don't half take some interesting & evocative pictures. I've particularly liked the ones on Bleak Leek & Proteus Training Camps.

    This thread and this one may bring back some memories for some users. Certainly made the hair on the back of my neck stand up after spending a lot of time in places like this...
  2. Shame it's coming down still looks like some stuff like the radiators and stoves can be salvaged amazing that the placecan overgrow in such a small period. What happened to the old RE driving school across the road?
  3. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    I remember being invited to a Ghurka festival (Deshira?) some years ago at this barracks and was treated like a king in the 24 hours I spent there.

    Sad to see it like this, I suppose it will be made into affordable housing for rich people as is the wont these days.
  4. I used to live right beside the barracks, not long before the Ghurkas vacated.
    I held them, as I'm sure everyone did, in the highest regard; and the whole of Fleet was sorry to see them go.
  5. A quick note for styru as I gather you look in here. I was not having a go at members of 28DL – in fact you’ll see I praised your site. Some of the work on it is truly art (a picture by a member with the setting sun framed perfectly by the London Eye is one of my favourite pictures ever), while the historical stuff is fascinating.

    However reading your FAQ the site does come across as a bit of a clique. I know that to get the pictures some of your members are edging the bounds of legality so you have to be careful who’s let on & your policy preserves your site from some of the wannabe idiots that turn up here, but all the stuff about being pre-moderated until an unspecified number of posts have been made or unspecified services done to the world of UE is not very welcoming. I really enjoy looking at the military forum & am sure in some cases I could have contributed useful information but I’m put off attempting to join by the policies.

    As for the rad & gnarly bit that was only a joke. However members of 28DL do frequently seem to come across a lot more alternative than bluff, boring, retired old Army Officers like me.

    Hope your people keep up the good work. I enjoy looking at it!
  6. Am trying to trace photos/video footage taken of the late Queen Mothers visit to Guildford Barracks at the opening of the WRAC Museum 1991. Sadly I lost the one's I had taken with her whilst lining the route on her visit as a young recruit.
    Hope you can help as I've explored every revenue I can think of.