Queen Elizabeth At The UN

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Phil306, Jul 7, 2010.

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  1. I AM!

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  2. Nice of you to say so Phil old chap. :cool:
    Hopefully her successors will all manage to come somewhere close but she's a tough act for anyone to follow.
  3. Hopefully some of the integrity will rub off.....but I doubt it.
  4. Interesting that much of the media coverage in the US makes reference to recent economies in the royal budget. This might be a story that plays well in UK but I'm not sure the image of an elderly lady sitting huddled in a fur coat in an unheated and crumbling palace is one that we want played to a foreign audience - too much like a metaphor for UK as a whole.

  5. I'll tell you, I've been to London at least 10 times. Each time, I go to Buckingham Palace and look for that flag. When its flying, I feel very special. In fact, I'll be in London, I hope, this October. I truly enjoy your country and its contributions to society. This includes the monarchy.
  6. Tks Phil - sometimes it helps for others to remind us of those close and special things we have, like our Queen..

    On a related note, I took pleasure in reminding my Australian colleagues, republicans and monarchists alike, that she was there representing them too - went down well, for some at least (tic!)..!
  7. I love the way she told the UN that it had done well, but needs to do better to secure world peace. She forgot to mention that if it doesn't, her grandsons are going to re-build the empire and do it themselves.
  8. It would be good if it were even remotely true.
  9. Some of us don't need reminding.
  10. I am. By the way I f..king hate being called a brit.I am a BRITON or BRITISH. However I'll forgive you this time because you're obviously a very nice man. You're not THE Phil are you? You know. The Greek chappie.
  11. You have my apologies then, will "limey" suffice ;-) And no, I was born and raised in California.
  12. Whats wrong with the term Brit?

    And why is it that non-British or Commonwealth people seem to hold the Queen in higher regard then many British people do? People in this country really need more education on why we keep the Constitutional Monarchy.
  13. ...........I know what you mean. Christ, we nearly ended up with President For Life Anthony Blair.

    Harridan Harman would do well to watch a few vids of Betty, then the whey-faced wimmins champion might learn a few things about confidence, poise, dignity and how to conduct oneself in high public office.

  14. What utter balls.