Queen & Country - N.I Documentary (1989)

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by wedge35, Oct 2, 2009.

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  1. Not sure if this has ever been posted before but well worth a look. A very good six-part documentary from 1989, filmed to mark the 20th anniversary of the involvement of British troops in Northern Ireland:


    Well worth a look. Comments?
  2. That takes me back.

    Arguably, the British Army in Northern Ireland in the late 80s was one of the best armies we have ever fielded, for the job it had to do. Along with, perhaps, the Army on the Western Front in 1918, Slim's Army in Burma in 1944/5, and Wellington's Army in 1814. Times of supreme professionalism, when we really knew what we were doing. But each one took a long time to get there.
  3. Very Good.
    Queen & Country, they got that right.
  4. Great documentary - thanks!
  5. By the late 1980s although still a little dangerous, Northern Ireland had slipped into a dull routine, as had the Army which spent most of it's time on boring repetative tasks.

    It was however acknowledged that in 1976 the British Armywas one of the best anti-terrorist organisations in the world. Skills that had faded considerably by 1990.
  6. "The Company commander said: 'I hear there are three casualties? Here are two of them wheres the other?' I turned round to him and said, as a matter of fact its me...."

    Well done Sir!!