Queen Cherie Fecks Up Again

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Hootch, Feb 14, 2005.

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  1. Cherie joke may hurt Games bid
    From correspondents in London

    CHERIE Blair's idea of a joke has misfired on London's bid to stage the 2012

    A high-level International Olympic Committee delegation due in London tomorrow to evaluate London's bid wants to know what the British Prime Minister's wife meant when she cracked a joke in Australia on her recent book-promotion tour.

    Downing Street will be asked what she meant when she told her audience: "We are going to win the bid - what does Paris know about culture?"

    Olympic politicians are so touchy none of the five candidate cities can afford
    to make a gaffe. But they might be interested to learn that Mrs Blair also
    miffed New Zealand diners by mistaking the country for Australia.

    Paris is the frontrunner ahead of London, New York, Madrid and Moscow and the 14-member IOC evaluation commission will spend four days visiting venues and hearing details of London's plans.

    As usual - not reported by the BBC
  2. Nor have the BBC reported that several of the olympic disciplines are banned in the UK (i.e. the pistol disciplines). The IOC have been informed by several shooting associations & individuals however.

    The current plan for the shooting disciplines is to build a whole new range complex near Woolwich because bisley isn't up to scratch, and then KNOCK IT DOWN AFTERWARDS 8O

    Shocked and appalled...
  3. Cherie ... Prince Phillip ... ring a bell?
  4. She didnt upset the kiwi's once but she done it twice, It was all over the news down here, and the people i am working with were livid.

    Think its time the wide mouth frog, shut up, stopped that inane grin she has, and get out the public eye!!
  5. The Australasian press dubbed her visit 'The Blunder Down Under'
  6. I used to work with a chap who had some of the most brilliant turns of phrase. For this he'd use something like:

    'More mouth than a cow's got cnut'.

    Wouldn't be too far off the mark. :D
  7. The Organisation for Bovine Glorification will doubtless take you to Strasburg for insulting cows for this!
  8. As far as I can remember the Prime Ministers Wife/Husband has no official role.

    Cherie Blare has no title, So why do people

    a) Call her the 'first lady'

    b) Listen to what she has to say in the first place?
  9. [quote="OldRedCap)The Organisation for Bovine Glorification will doubtless take you to Strasburg for insulting cows for this![/quote]

    That's an insult? Seemed more like an advert to me.:lol:
  10. but at least he did it with style