Queen Camilla?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ScouseD, Nov 19, 2010.

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  1. Queen Camilla

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  2. No Chance

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  3. Not Fussed

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  1. Prince Chaz has said that Camilla “could” become Queen when he takes the throne:


    I don’t see a problem with it personally, but what does ARRSE think?
  2. When/if Charles becomes king, his wife should be queen. Simple as that, IMO.
  3. Did brown manage to change the law regarding succession to the throne. He was trying to do so a couple of years back but i dont know if he succeeded. If he didnt then charles is not a clear shoe in to be king himself.

    Questions could easily be raised and refuted with difficulty about his religious persuasion. The man follows the orthodox faith as much as he does the c of e.
  4. I thought he'd signed up to her not being Queen when he got Royal Assent to the marriage? Never trust a man who wants to renege on a deal he didn't have to sign up to in the first place.
  5. Did he? Why would he have been asked to do that?
  6. I thought it was something to do with his position in the Church of England and her being a divorcee. Perhaps I dreamt it.
  7. You may well be right, but I would think, and hope, that if it was popular enough any barriers to Camilla becoming Queen could be resolved.
  8. Wife of King becomes Queen what's the issue they are legally married?
  9. Let's not forget that the CoE was founded by a king who wanted a divorce, so a divorcee wife shouldn't matter here really.
  10. It shouldnt really be down to popularity though, its not the X-Factor. If he becomes King and he wants her as his Queen, its his decision. Although doubtless the tabloids will think its theirs and drag up another Diana story.
  11. Why suddenly announce this now? Is he piggy backing this outburst on the back of his son's marriage announcement in the hope it'll get lost in the noise? If so I thiink he's misjudged. The tabloids will always go to town on Camillia, she's not a pretty bimbo they can adore. And there are a million and one fucktards in this country that think they have personal responsibility for maintaining what they'd regard as Diana's rights or view of the whole thing.

    Personally I dont have much time for the Royals anyway so whether she is called Queen, Consort or Mrs Big Ears is completely irrelevant. If he wants her as Queen so what?
  12. How about Charles grows up,steps aside,and lets his son take the throne?While I couldn't really give a toss about either of them,I feel that if he goes ahead with this it could end the monarchy,he's acting like a spoilt brat,oh,hang on,he is one.
  13. I have no issue with him doing whatever the hell he wants in his own time and at his expense..................but me pay for her to be queenie??? I don't think so!!!!

    Step aside big lad.................
  14. If he steps aside it pretty much destroys tradition. I want him to take his turn. Nobody that I know who has actually met Charles, slags him off.
  15. If you want to be pragmatic then my guess it will happen at a weekend when it will be in his own time and the event will generate much more money for the UK than it ever spends on Camilla as Queen. There are perhaps lots of valid objections but these aren’t realistic.