Queen Camilla

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by woopert, Feb 10, 2005.

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  1. A flower of perfection and beauty who will reign over us?

  2. A minger you'd chew your arm off to get away from?

  1. And I'd chew the other arm off when I got home to make sure I didn't do it again!
  2. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    She is a hound beyond measure but she is his hound of choice so best of luck to him....even if her breath smells of old slippers and Winalot.
  3. who voted for her beinga beauty? 8O
  4. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Not guilty yer honor.

    She's a hag.
  5. Thank gawd she's post-menopausal - his ears, her face - just think what the kids would have looked like! 8O
  6. She wasn't bad looking in her day, but she's spent so long in the sun that she's got a face like a dinosaur's scrotum. She's a good argument for sunscreen and big hats.
  7. Still.. its an excuse for a drunken booze up in the Mess in celebration, right?

    maybe a movie night.. Bride of Chuckie or a tretise on genetics and what not to do with DNA...

    puts Harry's Nazi escapade in perspective, though.. poor lad was just reacting to the devastaing news that he will have a ' new mum '..Hell, I'd be into the bottle and pills, too if Camilla was to be my Stepmom...

    HRH Camilla...is there a scow on the Thames to be named after her as a prezzy??
  8. and slap her face with the soggy end?

    ..... here luv, here's 10 quid now get a taxi home and don't ever f*ckin' phone me or come 'round 'ere again!
  9. oh be-jeeezuz... what has the world come to... I know Charlie is the Colonel in Chief of the kings but I could never see this man as king now he is marrying this bint who I think could eat an apple through a letter box...

    God the woman is aweful.. anyone fancy coming round to my house and sticking forks in my eyes so I dont have to look at her?
  10. Given the option of feeding her pony I think I'd rather slam my old fella in the armoury door

    I bet with the horseback action shes had she's got a clout like a bulldog eating porridge 8O
  11. Not that Wh0re. What the hell is going on with Charles... First, he divorced HRH Princess Diana (May she Rest in Peace) and now he's marrying this drunk bum from London's slums.

    One thing did make me feel a bit less angry about this, she cant get kids!

    Discodan, ill passby... just make sure you can still stick those forks in my eyes after I'm done with yours... She's one ugly bint! may she rot in hell when she dies :lol:
  12. At least he isn't marrying a foreigner....
  13. we're gonna hear nothing else now for weeks. not being a royalist this hurts me, to hear endless cack from "royal correspondants" (get a real job you jumped up heat journo's!) but i'm gonna be faced with her grinning hole everytime i turn on the telly or open a newspaper! i'm moving to russia, they knew what to do with their royals!