Queen And Country.

OK, tell me this has been posted half a dozen times before!
If not, how about signing the petition.?
Top right, Queen and Country on following web.
An awesome tribute. I just hope they ask the parents first as I am sure it would be upsetting to get a letter with your son/daughters face on it if you didn't know but still a fine mark of respect for the fallen.
Whilst it would be a worthwhile tribute I feel it must be approached very carefully.

What if the NOK say a wife says ok but the parents feel it inappropriate? At best it could lead to a damaging difference of opinion at worst a family split. Who would have the final say for publication?

The other thing to consider is collectors. These faces would be traded and swopped exactly as stamps are today and have been since they were first printed.
This could establish a whole new terminology where a Smith would be exchanged for a Jones and so on. The whole initial idea of the tribute would be lost and as they would most likely be limited editions would be sought after.

It's a novel idea it just needs some careful thought and consultation with relatives before it is taken forward.
Signed it! :)

I personally think this is a really good idea, it will bring home to people the sacrifices which have been made out there!
Reading the names of our fallen is one thing...but actually seeing the faces of the lads and lass's who have given their lives in the service of this country is a completely different thing!

Good luck with it!! :D
Signed .

However, some of the points Geezer makes are valid.
I think it is a marvelous sentiment and a fitting tribute for those who have given all, what better way to get ourservicemen (and Ladies) into public focus.
Collectors have always been around and will trade in anything with a collectable/novelty value , this shouldnt stop this tribute going ahead
Signed. I think its an excellant way of bringing home to the general public that those who lose their lives serving their country are more than a 10second spot on the news and a paragraph in the paper.

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