Queen and country, or politicians and c**try

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Unknown_Quantity, Oct 14, 2003.

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  1. Yes, I've never had reason to doubt a politician

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  2. Yeah, why not, it would be good for a laugh

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  3. I thought Bush was the boss.

  4. Does it matter?

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  5. No, I'm British, proud of it, and will serve the Queen until the day I die!

  6. Piss off, politicians are the feacal matter around the arrse of humanity.

  7. My Priority is to the country, not individuals in it

  1. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    Following Shotguns attitudes towards politicians thread...
  2. Bollocks! We do serve the Government already. Tony is the British publics representative, he might not represent there views, but he is still there chosen representative, and until he is out of office he opinion is our opinion.
  3. You're talking shyte, a President is the peoples representative, a PM is Parliaments head man. He has only one vote out of 655 in Parliament, and no more power to decide anything more than the other 654, his opinion counts for no more than any of the other 654.

    Meant to add that he is only his CONSTITUENTS chosen representative, not the whole of the UK's.

    Parliament is the peoples representative as a body, no individual.

    If you didn't watch so many Hollywood movies and Yank films, you'd realise that our system is different.

    What the fck is so hard to understand here?
  4. My vote is in the bottom half of the above poll, but that's mainly because I've been around only during Elizabeth II's reign, and seen the credit she's brought on the country. What happens, though, when (if) terminal dysentery breaks out at Balmoral and we're left with Edward VIII?

    Certainly at the moment, the Forces' loyalty is to a 'politically neutral' leader rather than some grisly shyster with a lie on his lips, but it hasn't always been so.
  5. Great. Give yourself a medal.
  6. I may be wrong here, but I'm sure somebody can confirm/deny this...

    As a Service Voter (particularly one overseas) you can register your vote in ANY constituency int he country. Tony Bliar's majority at the last election was 8,000 DOWN on the 97 election. It's constitutionally impossible for him to be PM if he isn't an MP. There are 25,000 servicemen in BF(G) alone. As they say in America "do the math!"

    Don't forget to call him tony, not sir, if you meet him because he isn't commisioned or knighted. Same goes for Buff Hoon, who maybe Def Sec today but could be backbench MP for Lower Scratching tomorow.
  7. I like your thinking Maj, lol, now if we can have a whip round and lobby all the squaddies we can....

    You're right and it's the same as the constitutional issues we've been speaking about on various threads too; Blair has no rank at all, doesn't get saluted or called Sir, same for Hoon, while in the US Bush would get saluted as his rank is CinC US Forces.