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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Forces_Sweetheart, Jun 27, 2006.

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  1. http://personalfinance.iii.co.uk/articles/articledisplay.jsp?article_id=3450708&section=Planning
    Interesting article.. there's a chance to comment on the site if you feel strongly one way or another...

  2. Hear hear - for many years now I have wondered what the hell is going on in this country - at times a great place but at others time Barking and PC gone Mad.
    Last weekend I attended a reunion of one of ouur former county regiments - it was a humbling experience for even a serving soldier like myself to speak and listen to them - just a shame those in civvie street slightly inconvenienced by their slower than normal march past did not see it that way - rather than the inconenience it was to them!

    Talking to these guys each knows their time is short and while they would love to go on - this year they honoured 18 of their number who had passed away within the last 12 months - that was 18 missing from their ranks as they marched a real shame - and most feel the reunion will be no longer within the next 2 years.

    God bless them all

  3. I wish this whinger Campbell would shut up.

    If sending your child to a school where he doesn't do any sport, isn't allowed to climb trees and has to be driven there in case he gets mown down or fiddled with and where he may be stabbed, to sit in a classroom of 30 plus and do "course work" until he gets a grade A for getting his name right; if sending him to a "university" which will cost him/you 10 grand to get a job in a drab faceless firm where he will spend hours of his life in a barely functioning transport system to get him to and from the house for which he will be paying 50% of his income for a hundred years (that part of his income that is not taken by a state which believes it can cure every ill and every misfortune by spending money on civil servants, focus groups, initiatives,target monitoring and tsars of varying descriptions) if exposing him to a culture where only genuine human vulnerbility and anguish qualifies as entertainment, where he will be governed by an elite as self serving and as detached from everyday life as any in history, if none of this is good enough for you then go and live somewhere else.