Queen’s Own Yeomanry


I am starting Queen's University Belfast in September and am looking for some information on B (North Ireland Horse) Squadron of the Queen’s Own Yeomanry. Sadly, the website contains only basic information and does not outline training, job specs etc. I have tried calling the PSAO but to no avail; hopefully he will respond to my e-mail soon.

In the mean time, I would be grateful if anyone could assist with some information, such as:

What does training involve? I get the standard Common Military Syllabus Recruits bit; but what about Bowman training and the like- how many weeks/weekends should I expect?

What trades would be open to me? I am particularly interested in Reconnaissance Trooper with a view to specialise as a Forward Air Controller when I have cut my teeth, would this be possible?

Finally, what are the training weekends like? Is it Squadron based or do the Regiment carry out training weekends occasionally?

Thanks for any help you can offer,

My room mate at the moment is a QOY bloke - I'd ask him for you, but he's asleep and NOT snoring at the moment so I'm loath to wake him. Either way you'd probably understand only one word in ten, I get more sense out of the Yanks...

I should think that it's fair to say that there is going to be regimental training going on, but that (as with almost everyone else) since SDR the majority of whaat you're going to be looking at will be at troop and squadron level.

Give me a pm if you want me to get the gen tomorrow.

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