Quebec Day -- 18(Quebec 1759)Bty RA.

Greetings to all members past/present -18Bty on this fine day of celebration.
Will be raising a glass or few in pub at lunch time to you all!.
Never served in 18 Bty as such, but served with them in 32 Regt as a member of 22 Bty.

Got nothing but good things to say about them. They always semed to have decent blokes and had a very good SNCO heirachy.

Happy Quebec Day to all members, past and present.
AbbotAle said:
Happy Quebec day 18bty.
Belated thanks Bean! :lol:
When you see Thumper,remind the big pillock of the time when we were on guard (which was an extra guard commnder for me from the RSM to see if I could keep out off trouble) and I sent him out to wake up Duty Cook at 0430hrs while on Firing Camp Hohne and the big footed t*t goes and boots the RSM out off bed literally instead with the immortal words of 'wake up and sign the early book you fat tw*t'--wrong tent big time!! Thumper exits tent at rapid rate of knots and reports to me that he may have just upset someone! MAY!was an understatement another fraught interview with the RSM in the morning again for me,previous one was for the head shaving incident!! Happy Days!! :lol:
regards mate hat20

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