Quebec Day (1759)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Queensman, Sep 13, 2007.

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  1. And indeed to you Queensman as am also celebrating 'Quebec Day'
    Have already served myself some 'Gunfire' and am hitting the pub at lunch time for a wee sesh.

    18(Quebec 1759)Bty RA - Capt Macleod's Company.
    More 'Gunfire' I think--Cheers All !!!!!!!!
  2. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Congrats indeed, especially to any Royal Sussex / Queen's regiment / PWRR lurking on the site.

    Another example of the cowardly and despicable French being given a damn good shoeing.
  3. I shall be giving my Roussillon plume an extra brush in the Brewer's Arms this lunchtime.

    Long live the 35th!
  4. Found myself whistling the Regimental Quick on the way in this morning. And for those who have never heard the Regimental Slow (The Rousillon), near the end of the clip ....... try this

    It may not work. So itn pathe history you'll find this one and a re-enactment of the battle in 1959 at the Depot. I'm on a training PC so various services denied me.

    Far o'er the hills we wander .....
  5. A few years back I stumbled across the Rousillon Regiment in Bosnia. They didn't realise that we took their plume from them and still wear it.

    On matters R Sussex. Lionel Queripel VC's sword is being presented to the Royal Sussex Regiment Museum in Eastbourne on 19 Sep the anniversary of his death at Arnhem.
  6. can't imagine the quebec regiment will be celebrating they got a bit of a shoeing in cyprus after they failed to turn up to our celebrations after being invited :twisted:

    one huge drunken ruck later cypriot police were not impressed reason for fight well in 1759............ :twisted:
  7. ...I had excellent fun in 3 Queens before I grew up:)
  8. Likewise! :D

    Been to the Lewes 'do', lately?
  9. Onward the "Orange Lilies"
  11. Quebeck day for 1 Lancs celebrated tomorrow, mess bar open 0630!!!OMG Its going to be a long one!! :twisted:
  12. I'm with Queensman! Salerno Day was more fitting for us though mate and I also made a point of drinking heavily on the Glorious First of June!.

    However, albeit a 3rd Bn thing, I'm sure all from 1 Queen's wish "Fingers 1661" the best on Quebec Day and drink to you giving that poof Montcalm a sound thrashing, (even though you adopted our date!!!).

    Well done 35th of Foot, (and the others involved), from the 2nd (Queen's Royal), Regt of Foot!

    Don't forget Vel Exuvaie Triumphant Queensman... :)
  13. It's that time of year again......

    Happy Quebec Day!

    (I only really remember this 3rd Battalion date because an old and much loved Quartermaster of the 1st has a birthday today - much to his annoyance...: Happy Birthday Vic!!)
  14. Likewise!

    I remember a rash of orange stripes appearing all over Gibraltar, back in '74; about the only thing that the QM didn't manage to paint orange was the North Face of the Rock! :D