Qucikie - Signed Ranulph Fiennes new book

Sir Ranulph the mad **** Fiennes has personally signed this latest book.

A remarkable read from a remarkable man, interesting to see who he views as true heroes.

Auction will end 17:30 hours Friday

I will guarantee delivery by Christmas if its for a pressie.

In MY HEROES the 'world's greatest living explorer' (Gunniess Book of Records), writes about the people who have inspired him - from explorers to policemen, families to freedom fighters. Wherever in the world Ranulph gives one of his lectures or motivational speeches, someone always asks: 'Who inspired you to do all the crazy things you've done?' For the first time he explores this idea by revealing his own personal heroes and what lessons their actions may have taught him in his own often hazardous profession. This book describes the extraordinary and often horrific events that led to these ordinary individuals becoming Ranulph's great heroes. From polar survivor to knifed-and-beaten policeman, from a woman missionary to a special forces soldier, these wonderful people will make you proud to be part of the human race.
'The sort of book that will suggest fascinating lines of research to find out more about some of the subjects. The author has given us a splendid read.' (The Canberra Times )

Acclaim for Ranulph's previous books: (. )

'Rip-roaringly readable'

'Sir Ranulph has earned his place in the heroic roll call of Scott, Shackleton and the rest.' (Daily Mail )

'Ran epitomises British phlegm, and he puts all other glory-seekers to shame. Long may he continue to make us glad that we are not him, while we stand in awe.'
(Country Life )

His courage, determination, stamina - and madness - are truly awesome.' (Daily Express )

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