Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Fones_4_Me, Mar 25, 2008.

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  1. Why oh why do officers still have their own quater areas and us WO's and seniors are still expected to live next door to the very person that I have to AGAI on a weekly basis!?

    It just baffles me to think that a Capt (of 4/5 years service) gets better accomadation for their family and here I am after 16 years service still expecting my family to live next door to Mr and Mrs Stig of the fcukin dump!

    Obviously I could go round and beat him until his missus loses weight but that would take such a long time and quite frankly I can't be bothered wasting my time!

    I'm not that far up my own ARRSE to expect gold plated service but living in a street quickly filling up with Gypo's is annoying to say the least. 8O

    Bring back WO and Seniors patches....Anyone agree or am I being a stuck up tosser?
  2. I'm all for that, the Blokes and their kids on my estate...'WHAT A FU**ING LIBERTY' get a petition going to No 10...i'll sign the fu**er.
  3. Not getting on with the neighbours then?
  4. Totally agree, my neigbours wre complete to**ers glad i now live in my own house, totally agree bring back the seniors patches

  5. It's not any better here in Crab Land! I worked for many years to get to be a Senior, get better accommodation and a better standard of living. Now I live on a very sh1tty council estate with dumped cars, grass that is just never cut and litter everywhere.

    I've tried to sort things out but SAC Tosspot and his ugly wife just don't care.

    I'm on your side entirely....WTF can't we have an SNCO/WO patch?
  6. Speak to the Welfare Officer if you have a genuine grievence, and get them or you moved.

    If that doesn't work just firebomb the chav fcukers house :evil:
  7. lolol... While I have often considered the firbomb approach, my greivance is not really with the the scruffy shats next door. My greivance is that I would consider all WO's/Seniors deserve (and have worked for) a better standard of living for their families who have done their fair share of time in pikesville! I mean come on RHIP and all that... What have the Juniors got to want to better theirselves for nowadays?

    While I do consider all forces accomodation should be improved the main point still remains, how are families supposed to live in peace and harmony (WTF kind of quote is that?) when Mr fcukin "WO" next door keeps giving my partner crap jobs for turning up late! :p
  10. The officers patches are managed by Defence Estates/MHS etc and their equivilents in Germany/Abroad but they are entitled to a certain standard of housing dependent on rank. Or am i wrong??
  12. IIRC all Officers Quarters have a study.

    At my last posting one of my JNCOs was housed in an officers qtr, because he had 4 kids and nothing else was available.
  13. I have the same problem...

    I don't get hung about it too much, but I live in a street with 5 other semi detached houses...

    I am the only English person in that row and the other 5 quarters and host to 3 Caribbean families, 1 Fijian and 1 St. Lucian. 3 of those families husbands are in my troop.

    Now, without stepping over the 'racist' line, I have no problem with any of them, however, as a Staffy, surely my housing should be apart from those that work for me? I have other junior members of my troop that have stunning brand new houses within another quarter area. Surely this new quarter area should have been adopted as a SNCO/Warrant patch?

    I really do give up with housing allocations in the Army these days.
  14. The one i'm currently struggling with is this little beauty, straight from the TSAR's

    Guess what? None available where i'm going! I miss the entitlement on family size, as my third youngest is under 10 yrs old as i am posted? (All 3 have to be over 10 according to the Death Regs)

    Someone please tell me why a crab is entitled by right, but i have to be thrown a bone off the table?
  15. Sounds to me that some one has forgot there roots ! Were all from the same streets as the lads back home.
    Its not the wifes fault if there husbands are only JNCO s , does that mean that there kids should live in diffrent class of house ???
    And what about a W/O whos wife is younger or has no kids and all the other seniors wifes on the estate are older or have several kids Etc.
    But good luck to the" house lotterry " !!