Quarters on Blandford Camp

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Big_Kahoona, May 14, 2006.

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  1. Just been allocated my quarter on Gunville Down Road i was just wondering what the 3 bed quarters are like on gunville down and was wondering what size the gardens are.
    Any help would be appreciated
  2. Gardens are generally the size of a large beach towel. Houses are small with nice interior roofs but look disgusting from the outside.
  3. yeah cheers guru can i know get answers that would actually help
  4. I thought guru was quite helpful.

    What do you want to hear?

    'They are large developments situated in unspoiled countryside. Each dwelling has 12 bedrooms, servants accom, a study and a Roman sunken spa'.

    If you want a sensible reply, ask DHE. On second thoughts, here is probably better.
  5. so should i just take it that houses on gunville down road are generally crap
  7. i was just wondering cause i have 3 kids and was worried that they wouldn't actually fit us all in the house with all our stuff
  8. yep the old quarters are totally crap, small gardens, small houses, no loft space as the ceilings of the bedrooms are the roof so the seagulls sound like sellafield rejects in the mornings, theres no storage and they were condemned and due to be demolished approx 10-15 years ago but due to options for change they were reprieved. try and get one further up the hill that are more modern.
  9. ive given myself a few weeks before i start work so that i can turn down the quarter if need be
  10. Sorry General Kahoona, I will try again

    Gunville Down is presented by Annington Homes. This prestigious development combines the charm of old world (70's) building standards with a refreshing modern air complemented by Orange Toffee Swirl carpeting throughout. To the outside of the property, the compact garden is extremely low maintenance and will not trouble occupants whos lifestyle does not lend towards time spent in horticultural pastimes. This delightfully quaint development is set in the stunning Dorset countryside amongst rolling hills interspersed with tracks and streams. The interesting Georgian town of Blandford Forum is 2 miles away and offers major retail outlets such as Tesco and Roger Fords Ye Olde Porke Shoppe. A delightful town for eating out and the culinary delights are from around the world, but specialising in the sub-continent. All this wonder is provided at extremely reasonable cost and is available for early viewing.

    Hope this helps
  11. Depends on how old your kids are and where you've come from.
    The master bedroom is an odd shape, with the cupboard jutting out in the middle, the next room is ok and the small room is ideal for a nursery or study.
    There isn't a lot of room for storage so I advise you apply for a garage soonest as the waiting list is long. There are people still waiting since November!
    They are habitable but unfortunatly not the best the Army has to offer.
    Good luck and remember the kids can always dig-in in the garden!!! :lol:
  12. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  13. Gunville Down: Terraced houses with no storage space what so ever. Gardens, like guru said are the size of a large beachtowel. Lovely interior roof with no loft. Garages are on a LONG waiting list. Three kids + Toys + Stuff = Pain in the arrse

    Blandford Houseing was voted worst in the Army. Go for Kingdown, much better. Depends what your after.
  14. As said previously Kingdown would be your better option some had new kitchens
    fitted last year or year before can't remember. Think these have showers also downstairs is kitchen diner oneside and lounge
    on tother. Bedrooms are about average army standard with fitted wardrobes.
    Don't ask why stairs are at the back of the house you might find this is the way
    most of your furniture will go in as on
    the front,there is like a porch come shed/bin cupboard attached.

    Some gardens aren't too bad - but can be very small.

    On the other hand you could opt for Central Park sounds good but no - these as of
    last year had not been modernised our bathroom upstairs had one of the old fashioned
    pull chain loos. There is one outside great in the summer when having bbq's Downstairs is basically L
    shaped lounge/diner and very basic kitchen - sink and a couple of cupboards( oh and cooker)
    Rooms upstairs not bad we had 3 kids whilst there. Gardens are long but some do slope quite a bit.
  15. Is army accomodation still that bad ? I assumed the aspestos roofed MQ's I saw last year were empty ?

    Do kiddies on phase 2 really get better accom than the old n bold ?