Quarters near DEODS

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by fatblerk, Sep 29, 2006.

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  1. I've just got my posting order to DEODS, a stack of removals forms and some of those DHE housing application forms.
    These DHE things ask for choices of quartering area :? (It's been a while - A10s were still blue and offering Lippiat Families Hostel last time I filled a form in for a move - and you went where you were told until the wife burst into tears :roll: )

    Can anyone shed any light on the preferable quarter areas around DEODS ( I do, of course, expect you all to see me off like a kipper) :wink: Cheers!
  2. Ha, now we will all know who you are! What size house are you after, as some get private hirings due to the lack of quaters. Welcome aboard the Joint Service banana factory that is DEODS.
  3. My mate had a hiring in Chatham (3 bed) and it was really smart, by Chatham standards anyway.

    I think the nearest quarters to DEODS were sold off and taken over by immigrants/ the council. The two areas I do know of are the ones on Brompton Bks and the ones on Great Lines.
  4. maidstone take up a lot of the qtrs in brompton i have been told.

  5. I thought most of you had a good idea anyway, I'm not one who hides my ARRSE id..... The former CO of 11 EOD used to greet me by that - though he may just have been referring to my shape :oops:

    Thanks for the info, is there anywhere in particular to avoid?

    There is just me a Mrs FB (and her cats & dogs - but they don't count in the size of quarter calcs)
  6. Avoid Brompton and avoid Great Lines...avoid Chatham full stop, avoid the posting....stick a pair of underpants on your head and stick two pencils up your nose and say "wibble"!! buy a cottage in the country and raise sheep mate!!
  7. I actually asked for the posting - Oh well! I'm quite looking forward to it
  8. I was there 3 seperate postings not including courses about 8 years, its ok when you get used to the Chatham chavs and theres plenty of them to get used to!!

    If i was going for a quarter I would go Bromptom inside the Barracks, all the quarters in Chatham and Chattenden were small (depending on how many ankle biters you have obviously)

    The ones in Brompton are the most secure though, however the ones in great lines were good for the 'cannon' the 'two sewers' and the 'beast'
  9. i lived in sallyport gardens which as you say FAR FAR FAR TOO close to the canon & "yorkie" (RIP) :D :D :D :D

    sunday afternoons locked in after playing fitba, good times.
  10. Ah yes Yorkie (RIP indeed, I was in the cannon the night he came home from Thailand a couple of days before he died, what a fella) and aunty Pauline, the barmaids Anna marie and her mad sister Yvonne and many many more....

    if you were a regular in the cannon anytime between 97and 99 then I have probably met you mate, I was in there almost every night (rough divorce but fecking excellent recovery a la cannon style)
  11. sallyport gardens was 1990 on my class 2.
  12. There were still some qtrs in the Chattenden area (by the bks and separated from Lodge Hill by the Chav occupied ex-qtrs) a few years ago so there probably are still some there.

    Although the Maidstone qtrs issue applied there as well.
  13. I was in Sallyport Gardens also, hope you don't have any furniture if you move there, my house was half the size of my garden. Stunk of cat piss and had fleas.

    If D*g*e Vid*** the kiddie fiddler is still the estate manager, you have to threaten him with violence to make him do his job.

    Close to the cannon though :D :D
  14. Slipper,

    I thought you were at 33 still. How did you manage to escape?
  15. Don't go for the quarters inside the camp unless you like living in a house the same size as a rabbit hutch. They are absolutly tiny. Make sure you put down about the two dogs as DHE will have to give you a house. Great Lines or Sally Port isn't too bad as Chatham goes. When you take over the quarter take no shi'ite from the weasel estate warden. He will try an fob you off with a quarter that has not been cleaned properly etc. My mate marched into one last year. He told the estate warden that he wouldn't sign for it until it was clean, the bloke tried to kick up a fuss but my mate stood his ground and said he would come back in two hours when it was clean! When he marched out earlier this month the nob estate warden wouldn't even let him leave his shed! I think the reason why he has the attitude that he does is because a lot of the guys who live on the patch are young sappers who don't know any better and are a bit worried to stick up for themselves because they think they could get in trouble. Good luck with getting a quarter in Chatham sur la Medway!