Quarters -Its the minor irritants that p me off.


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We've just moved into another quarter its OK. It didn't look like it had been cleaned before we arrived the cooker had crusted fat on it. There are holes in the wall where picture hooks have been pulled out and there is paint on the carpet and the garden was in bog order.

We've complained but nobody has come around to look at it.

When we arrived the carpet was still wet because contractors had been in to 'clean' the carpet the day before. They may have wet it but it certainly was not clean.

All this is irritating shows a system that does not care.

But what really p@sses me off is the lack of integrated thinking on housing. In every house you move into you can see where previous occupants have removed hooks, laid and removed TV and telephone extension cables etc
In every house we go to we have to buy a different cat flap panel because none of the doors are the same.

In one of the bedrooms there is a double plug socket next to the bedroom door. If you put a plug in you can't open or close the door. Someone was paid a lot of money to wire that into all of the quarters on the patch. Someone who is paid too much approved of this being done.

Its not rocket science it just need a bit of thought. All quarters should have TV and telephone sockets in all the main rooms. All quarters should have picture rails in all the main rooms.

This would not be especially expensive to put in if sone on a rolling basis and would save so much time effort and damage to the quarters.

I know I'm just wasting time posting this because if anybody in a position to do anything about it did see it they have already demonstrated that they don't care so I can dream on!
I concur on all points. Another example being my bedroom cupboard, which has a light fitting directly above it, stopping you opening the door (open it fast by mistake and you rip out the light fitting, as I discovered).

DHE and MHS are the lowest common denominator in the world of housing maintenance. They are employed by HM Forces because they are cheap, but they aren't entirely to blame. My quarter was built in the 60's/70's, long before these two 'organisations' (and I use the term very loosely) came into being.

My question is this - why isn't exactly the same design of house used for every quarter in existence, regardless of location? If all 2,3 and 4 bedroom houses had exactly the same layout and dimensions, and exactly the same fixtures and fittings, life would would be cheaper all round for everyone. Cheaper for us because we wouldn't have to buy/sell (delete as appropriate) sh*t oads of furniture every time we move, and cheaper for DE and MHS, as they would be able to stockpile vast amounts of parts for much cheaper.

The fact remains that we will always have the least amount possible spent on us, and there's nothing we can do to change that apart from getting out.
Yet again, some Moron is sitting on a farkin fat retirement check for hiring MHS and DHE. Absolute bunch of cretins!!!!!!!!! Guy in my troop, boiler went on the blink by filling the house with Carbon Monoxide, (We know this cos all his Carbon Monoxide Detectors went off), No heating for fourteen days in the winter, in his paper house, Contractor turns up, tinkers with the heater, 'Yep mate its fixed' So they turned it on, sure enough the Detectors went off, they turned the boiler off again, got told by DHE at six o'clock at night, that the movers were turning up first thing the next morning to move him lock stock to another quarter. Not bad, 2 weeks after knee surgery!! Then theres myself and others who have to wait weeks and months for a quarter, Cos 'there is none available at all, Completely full, you'll have to stay at the Cotswold Centre for Divorcee's' Great stuff. Thanks DHE and MHS, hope you're Christmas is sh1te too!!!
-Rant over-
Im still waiting for DE to ring me back from Monday

"yes yes I promise someone from the London office will call before 4.30pm"
Utter lies these people dont care, I turned down a quarter over a month ago (various reasons) and now DE are dodging me. Im not asking much just a house thats up to a livable standard, not having to live next door to a boarded up burnt out house on an estate that looks like The Bronx.
Well here is the update waited till this morning to ring DE, the woman on the end of the phone said she had no idea what was going on with my case, and she would get someone from the London office to call today, again am not holding my breath.They have had a month to sort me out with another quarter but nothing doing.
Think I may have to wait till after christmas now!
It seems to have become a waiting game between them and us.
If I used the same sort of effort at my job my boss would have hung me by now.
Should bring back the old style march out and march in.

Never had any of the types of problems from the first post when they used to exist.

But oh no its demeaning/horrible/not modern enough for todays solider and his missus.

Seems to be on a par with PAYD, you lot asked for it (no march outs) so you can live with the results.
I only had 4 quarters when I was in. They were all better than the last one. Maybe I was just lucky?

The accomodation I am in now though is not that good, but ok I suppose.
Steven,you are a miserable cnut,nobody deserves sh1te accom never mind these blokes who's wives and families are left in it while they are away on op's for longer than we every were
Steven,you are a miserable cnut,nobody deserves sh1te accom never mind these blokes who's wives and families are left in it while they are away on op's for longer than we every were
Yep! :)

I agree 100% but the question is - How did the accom get in such a shite state in the first place?

Normal wear and tear and things breaking down is one thing but the horror stories of what the places are like when the guys are moving in is down to the people who left it like that.

I know you can pay a cleaning charge and walk away but that was why I likened it to PAYD, a good idea at the time but total bonk in practice.
Not even got into my quarter yet so I have no idea what the house was like inside only got to see it through the kitchen window.
So Im now at the bottom of the Housing list???
WTF since when did we have a housing list? Its not Housing support
I thought a married quarter was an entitlement not a privilege, or am I wrong in thinking that. I know I know some people will be shouting about cheap rent and "try and find a house so cheap on the civvy market" Some civvy on the phone considers waiting six months after posting a norm to wait for an offer of a house
No you aren't entitled, you apply to occupy a MQ and do so under licence. IF you refuse those offered (max 3 I think) then you will move to the bottom of the waiting list, I believe that's the current rule.

If they brought back March Outs as Steven says higher up, there wouldn't be this problem.

Edited for mong typing
My quarter probably was marched out of possibly at the same time the Regt marched out of the married patch! Since then nothing has been done with the estate no upkeep nothing!
If you turn down an offered house TWICE then DE do not have to offer you a quarter at all?So we are now tenants of DE??


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Guys I was whinging about the minor irritants - some of the problems you have highlighted are major and should be being dealt with by the chain of command - that's what they get paid for! Its also what the Padre draws his/her shilling for... Use these people.

There is no problem with not marching out provided that someone is holding the contractor who does the cleaning to account. Clearly that is not happening.

Its also clear that nobody in housing side, DE, MODern Housing Solutions etc gives a flying f@ck.
It was the minor irritants that used to pi$$ me off too. Like the 8 square metres of damp patch in my spare bedroom. And the power pylons about 2 metres from my balcony.
MSI64 said:
So we are now tenants of DE??
no that's the point we're not tenants...

i have another thread running about housing, would like to hear of your horrors or PM me....thanks to those of you that have already
This is my tenth Quarter now and probably the worst I have taken over by far in sh*tty xxxxxxxxxx (which was left all over the toilet seats) on my march in. After leaving my immaculate previous quarter and getting praised on the march out I went to take over a hell hole which hadnt been lived in for three years. Cooker was minging, old stinking grease everywhere, toilets covered in sh*te, windows filthy....... families office rep said its out of our hands now MHS in charge, complete a 14 day report. The furniture was arriving a few hours later, kids in the car theyve got you by the gonads but did get the cleaner who had been paid to come back in.
I completed 4 A4 pages of faults including bathroom taps not working, and basic filth and reported them and no reply for 5 days, went out and bought new toilet seats, shower curtains etc. In the end I took a bin bag with sh*t stained toilet seats, mouldy shower curtain, broken lamp shades etc and stood outside the local MHS office ringing the doorbell for 20 minutes until they finally threatened to report me as they said they werent allowed to speak directly to soldiers. I was escorted to the headsheds office and before he said anything emptied the sh*t stained toilet seats onto his office floor and told him about no water for bathing the kids etc, within 5 minutes plumbers were round my house. I sent off the letters of 14 days faults and letter of complaints to the senior housing officers over a year ago also saying i will have to have a works p*ss up and trash the MQ to leave it in the same state when I march out........ guess what no reply.

Nobody wants to take responsibility anymore and blame it on each other, MHS is absolutely sh*t and family officers need to do more to protect younger married couple who dont kow the systems IMHO.
Our Major problems are DE's minor problems, Our minor problems are DE's "Oh he/she is just whinging again F**king squaddies"

Over the past month this is the list of excuses I have had from DE

1 Just because the house is vacant doesnt mean its habitable.
2 The house you are looking at is Officers only.
3 There is no money left in the budget to make any houses habitable.
4 Most of those houses have been allocated already.
5 There is no one here to deal with allocations.
6. We dont allocate on fridays.
7. I am not allowed to transfer calls and the person works in a different building.
8. You have turned down a house so your bottom of the list now.
9. I didnt have time to look at the voids list?
My personal favourite has too be getting ripped off by the nazi DHE idiots (or whoever they are)

I paid the £300 or whatever it was a number of years ago for the 'guaranteed march out' clean that was getting banded about.

(As l had just kicked the now ex mrs mad ferret into touch, l wanted out the pad and into the Mess so the drinking could begin!)

Imagine my amazement when a friend of mine was offered a house that had 'recently become vacant' (MINE!!) but as my friend was in a rush it would have to be accepted 'as is'.

So - l paid £300 for a cleaning service that never happened, when l enquired with DHE about paying for a service that never happened, l was politely told 'tough'.

Needless to say, lm sure lm not the only one where DHE have robbed (thats what l believe - ROBBED) money of soldiers trying to leave a house in good faith.
I recently moved out of my MQ (Mess life for me) and due to me moving out a fair few months before i handed it over, it needed a good clean out. I decided not to pay the £300 to get it cleaned and do it myself.
I spent a good week, nights and days, scrubbing, cleaning and the like to get it to a standard i thought was suitable. Due to the jungle in the back gardern, i needed a sit-down mower to cut the greass(!) so i paid the camp civvy gardeners to sort the garden out, which was the best £20 i spent.
Come the handover day, i felt like in training again, waiting for the bad news. Well DE woman turns up, checks i have keys for all the doors, a very quick look at the cooker (i was going to stop her and make here inspect it properly the amount of work i put into it!) and said "just sign here and thats it"!! Didnt even go upstairs.
I was gobsmacked, but whoever goes in it wont have a problem with cleanliness but if she does that with mine, what about the Qtr that hasnt had someone put as much effort in. From some of these comments, that seems to happen!

MSI, tell the truth, you just want to stay and work with the Qman!!! :wink:

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