Quarters in Hameln?


As I have said before on another thread, I have received a posting order to 28, Hameln as an SQMS. It was 11 years ago that I was last there. I believe Hastenbeck and Afferde(the high rises) have since been returned to the Germans. My quarter back then was in Jahn Strasse, but I only had 1 kid then.
So my question is, where are the best places to apply for now, obviously I would prefer a house as I've got 2 kids (12 & 10) and a dog (and by that, I dont mean the wife :D )
Any other up-to date news on 28 and Hameln would be much appreciated,
Many thanks


Beethovenstrasse is a nice street and close to the NAAFI shop. I think most SNCOs are in Haydenweg though which is along from Gundolph Park.

There is also Reherweg but I've never been in them. I wouldn't bank on getting a house though, there are quiet a few SNCOs in flats.


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Afferde is still Quarters, but no one wants to live there. Many of Haydenweg have now been PUMA'd and look good. That is definatly where I would go. Jahnstrasse is cr@p for kids the age of yours as it is mostly young families with very young children, and very few of the same age. That's apart fromthe fact the the flats are horrible...
i lived at "Wilhelm-Busch Strasse" which is just down from Gordon Bks & turn right after the level crossing, they were nice quarters aslo.

I lived in Jahn Strasse, not bad at the time, I was only 22 so thought the flat was the bees knees. Just a shame I had to share it with that german slapper I married. :roll:

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