Quarters in Catterick, what are they like?



anyone tell me if i'd be eligible for married quarters in Catterick on a 1 year coarse with 3 R Anglians ??
Aren't 3 Royal Anglian (the Steel Backs) TA? What course is run in Catterick that is a year long?
yes i'm to start the initial 8 modules before the 2 weeks @ Pirbright .. then i was told that after Pirbright i had the option of a year @ Catterick ??
Not sure tbh ... i'm only just starting the TSC ... it was mentioned to me last night and with having a family i thought i'd try get some info
Does anyone know any road names in these estates so i can google earth them for a bit of a heads up?
We were housed in married quarters in catterick around by the kids primary school and in complete honesty it was a shithole and the decor and carpets were honking we (and everyone else) struggled to fit furniture in. Honestly it's was the worst accommodation I have ever lived in and that includes Bosnia bessbrook Iraq and afghan!!! We ended up saving and buying a house in brough st giles because we like the area but hated the army accom, don't expect help from the family's officer they honestly couldn't care less. There is a group on Facebook called something like "I survived living in catterick MQ,s" or words to that effect. If you are on it have a look. Best of luck to you and yours I think you will need it.

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