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Discussion in 'Seniors' started by BPS666, Jan 5, 2011.

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  1. Anyone know what the quarters are like in the andover area? Posted this year and need a 4 bed. Would welcome any suggestions for areas etc. I understand that Tidworth seems to be the main patch for this area. Thanks in advance
  2. Email tidworth@hivegb.co.uk

  3. shiny_arse / CC_TA - thanks for those, have had a gander but not much info. Spoken to a few people and it sounds like the quartering arrangements are pretty stressed at the moment so will probably end up in SSFA.

    Anyone got experience of this?
  4. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    There are 4 beds in Amesbury.
  5. ******* hell! I knew Amesbury was a small town but that's taking the piss. Explains why the locals are so interbred.

  6. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Funny ******!!!!! :)
  7. There are indeed quaters now available at Archer's gate estate in Amesbury, just up the hill not too far from Boscombe Down. Its a relatively new estate there, school seems OK and haven't heard anything bad about it.
    Andover has 3 pads areas that I know of. Chichester Close, Gallaghers Mead and a brand new estate that for some reason I can't remember the name of. The first two are close to where I own my civvy home & whilst I doubt the standard of housing wont knock you out with excitement, the area is ok with good access and good schools. The new estate is brand spankers which brings the usual snagging problems.
  8. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    The rent at Archers Gate is ridiculously low, less than £150.00 per month for a four bed.
  9. I was allocated a quarter in Chicester Close, it was the final push to buy my own place.
    repairs took for ever and it was so small and cold it was a joke.
    Andover itself isnt that bad, half decent schools and a decent rugby club.
  10. I am moving to Andover in Sept. Been given a flat in Chichester Close for me, missus, little one, large breed tortoise and a burmese mountain dog.

    Surely this isn't right, has anyone dealt with refusals before? Never had to refuse before! Been told to ask for Gallaghers Mead, Augusta Park or commute from salisbury, middle wallop or larkhill.

    Anyone got any info on this?
  11. Could always get rid of the dog and tortoise?
  12. The main problem with Andover and the surrounding area is that it's administered by Warminster HIC. Unhelpful doesn't even go half the way. I fell for the old 'if you refuse this qtr, you'll be waiting at least another 6 months' trick. So I took it, under the promise that I could apply for a move in 6 months - which they then refused me, but let my next door neighbour, with no kids, move from a 3 bed into another (larger) 3 bed. Good on him, shit on the HIC.
    The qtrs in the area are in demand, but have been so mis-managed over the last few years the HIC will issue whatever they have. Don't be surprised that if you are entitled to a 4 bed that you will be waiting a while (or given SSFA) because there is a childless couple living in one.
    Andover is good, try and get Middle Wallop if you can - not that much of a commute and the qtrs are of a high standard.

    (Yes I am bitter about being in a FIBUA grade house)
  13. I am very surprised that you have been so polite about Warminster HIC. They are the epitomy of 'absolutely ******* shit'! I wouldn't piss up the arrse of any of the useless bastards if their kidneys were on fire. Every last one of them needs a punch in the ******* face or a boot up the ****/ in the bollox!

    Edited to add that if any private firm conducted it's business in the same manner as these clowns, it would have gone to the wall years ago. The tax payer is getting ripped off, the customer is getting ripped off and these ******* clowns still draw a wage!

    If I produced similar outputs as the Warminster HIC I would be up on a charge of gross misconduct or some such shit and would fully expect to get a punch in the face and a boot up the ****.

    I wish I had a ****........I wouldn't leave it alone
  14. Absolutely agree. When these clowns ran the South West area they were a nightmare to deal with. It was like you raped their granny then asked if you could use their own home to live in. Incompetent, lazy, arrogant *******!After moving to Scotland and dealing with Rosyth HIC, who were and are a pleasure to talk to, I realised how bad Warminster HIC were.