Quartering at Shriv for ICSC (L) 3

Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by Jankers, Jan 25, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone know the score regarding quartering for these (now) 2 courses. Presumably as 30 weekers, this will be an accompanied tour? or has the army sneaked it in as an unaccompanied one as they did with JCSC way back yore?
  2. You can have my house - I can't wait to leave once this punishment is over (ICSC(L) 2 that is).

    Being serious, I can ask the authorities here if you would like?

    Let me know.

  3. He will, y'know.

    Go on - dare 'im! :D
  4. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    It is an accompanied course but less and less people are making it so due to its length- much to the chagrin of The cottage nursury people we were seeing last week - their numbers are way down on what they had up to a couple of years ago
  5. MS_Rep

    MS_Rep RIP

    The whole point of No 5 Board selecting officers for their Initial SO2 appointment before the course commences (results due 30 Jun 06 I understand) (and informing individuals of Package A or B) is so that they can move their families to where they are posted after the course.

    Thus families will not be quartered at Shriv :wink:
  6. Wow. That's a really good point. We must ensure that more and more officers are posted to JSCSC in order to please nursery school teachers.
  7. Clearly you know this to be the case and largely what I suspected, but can you please give us a link or direct us to the appropriate reference.

    I thought the whole point was that ICSC(L) needn't be unaccompanied, and you could, in effect either:

    a. Move to Shriv, then to IG2 location;
    b. Stay in cuurent location, then move to IG2 location;
    c. Move directly to IG2 location;

    Morale Counter Measures at it again?

    Next you'll tell us that we need to be Held Strength and adminned at a parent unit?!
  8. Now that would actually save a lot of the drama we had last September when singlies on the current course were told that the Shrivenham QM doesn't do storage. So, a few paid through the nose in the Big Yellow place in Swindon until a MQ was misappropriated as an MFO store. The bean-counters almost had two laughs at our expense: (1) by making it a posting the individual wouldn't get LSSA etc etc, and then the Service fails to look after his boxes but doesn't recompense him (I don't think the G1 Casework ever took off, even though it was a clear victory for the common man over the system!).

    Still, the joining instructions for next year should be much better so it's swings and roundabouts :wink:
  9. And I was one of the unlucky suckers whose MFOs languished in the middle of nowhere. What an absolute farce and total pain in the arrse. It may be (partially) fixed now but it still has a lingering taste.. :x
  10. Will not? Will individuals no longer be able to choose?
  11. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    MS rep

    Trouble is, if you have a young family and need to go on this course, have working partner who may work away and need nursery care, you need to take the whole damn family to Shriv therefore you need to get a quarter there.

    I think you will find that women will put two fingers up to the system if it isn't going to support them in that.

    Or is there some grand plan to sell off all the quarters around Shriv....
  12. I don't know where MS Rep got his info from, but he is talking total sh1te. The options still remain:

    1. Stay where you are, and then move to your next posting after the course.
    2. Get a quarter at Shrivenham.
    3. Move to your next posting before the course.

    The reason why the next course has changed in format has got nothing to do with quartering, and everything to do with the fact that the system can't deal with 400 Majors moving at the same time from their current jobs (and the associated pain that causes both up and down the chain of command).

    Don't worry about getting a quarter here - there'll be plenty of space. Get your applications in now!

    Don't worry about the course - as long as you have a modicum of an understanding of combined arms operations you will find it an excellent holiday from the craziness that is the Field Army!
  13. LMAO :lol: :lol:

    Get your head into doctrine (via ADP Land Ops), equipment capability, "Jointery" and (as said above) combined arms planning.

    How we chuckled during the week spent on gearboxes, transmissions, terra-mechanics and drive systems.

    Mind you, we did crack the entire history of the Middle East in 40 minutes.

  14. Are you sure? Felt more like a month.
  15. Bayonet-mouse is right. Asked the question in relation to my own circumstances - wife is on ICSC(L) 3 a or b. Response as follows:

    ICSC(L) is 30 weeks. The benchmark for a short course is less than 6 months (26 weeks) - although this can be waived. Thus ICSC(L) remains a long and thus residential course. Married students have three options to remain in current location, move here or move to the location of future employment if known. A fourth option would be to move into own home/private rent. There is no change nor any suspicion of change. Indeed The Director would fight hard if it rasied that SFA would no longer be available. It is a key factor in setting the right conditions for the course. The choice lies with the individual.