Quartering Advice - Glasgow!

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by ewan2000, Nov 17, 2009.

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  1. Hi has anyone got any clues as to the state of the Married Quarters in Glasgow these days. I have heard they are all new builds, has anyone got any recent experience as I am moving up their soon.

    many thanks :D
  2. Buy a very big dog.
  3. And a baseball bat!

    Don't forget a white tracksuit and Burberry cap for informal Buckfast cocktail parties at the park.
  4. Wear a soap on a rope around your neck, it will keep the great unwashed away fom you :lol:

    Plenty of good nightlife though
  5. if you own a decent car trade it in for banger otherwise you will find it burnt out on your drive or on bricks

    if your any other nationality than scotish hire some musce

    were abouts you going anyway
  6. Go married unaccompanied & get a SSSA flat in the West End.
  7. If you hold a Commision or have a football team instead of a family then I think they are all new builds but if you fall into neither of these catagories then there are 3 sights round glasgow with houses of differing standards and age. Some are new and some went up not long after WW2, I can't tell you where they all are on an open forum but I'm sure DE will let you know if you give them a bell.
  8. Ignore the f@nnys above - speak to Col Mil Admin in APC for info - look on RLI for MSWeb-Organisation and ignore n0bends comments