quarter of Russian air force suicidal

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by codbutt, Nov 20, 2008.

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  1. Quarter of Russian Air Force fresh conscripts suicidal

    MOSCOW. Nov 20 (Interfax-AVN) - A quarter of fresh conscripts of
    the Russian Air Force have single parents, while ten percent use
    narcotic drugs and alcohol, Air Force Assistant Commander Lt. Col.
    Vladimir Drik told Interfax-AVN on Thursday.
    "About 25% of fresh conscripts have a high suicidal risk, according
    to psychological tests done at the Rostov Air Force/Air Defense unit,"
    he said.
    "Many fresh conscripts are on the police books, and some of them
    have criminal record," he noted.
    "The Rostov situation is similar with the one at other Air Force
    units," he said.
  2. Brings a whole new take on 'Suicide Bombers'
  3. Only 10% ?
  4. It should be said that mainly lads from poor families are being conscripted. Wealthy ones have abilities to pay for high education. Students are not being conscripted in Russia.

    I think that 10% is apparent underestimation. The problem I believe is much more serious.


    By the way, the respected leader of the Conservative Party mr.Cameron is a former drug addict.
  5. Please define the KGB definition of the words "drug addict".
  6. When ever I read about the Russian military it only ever seems to re-enforce that they are a joke, and yet they act as if they are the scariest and hardest force history has known.
  7. Drug addict (or addict) = drug user, drug taker.

    Why do you ask about it Whitecity?
  8. Because, in the English language user and addict are quite different. That's why I asked for the KGB definition.
  9. I'll give you 3 to 1 they're not!
  10. Yes I know, there are semantical distinction between two terms. I know the difference. Of course mr.Cameron was rather an occaisional drug taker, not an addict.

    I used the word (an addict) just to make my post more provocative. Though a border between a 'taker' and an 'addict' is so subtle.
  11. Back on the topic...

    There is a world of difference between suicide risk in population studies and an individual being suicidal. Suicide risk factors are many and varied and based on factors like personality type, family background, drink and drug use, social problems, mental health status, etc.. Many individuals with a shedload of positive risk factors will go through life without ever thinking about harming themselves, let alone actually doing it. On the other hand, people with hardly any risk factors go on to kill themselves. It's just mediated too much at the level of the individual to be predictable in other than highly specific circumstances.

    I'd suspect that a similar study of UK recruits wouldn't produce dramatically dissimilar results.
  12. Neuroleptic, I'm not so sure - surely socio-economic factors have a part to play in suicide risk?
  13. --------------------------
    Oh dear...Oh dear....the arrogance of 'youth' 'n' obviously the lack of a 'history' curriculum in your formative years...Napoleon.. 'Grand army'...Hitler..6th army not ring a bell....next you'll be believing that we're going to 'Win' against the Afghans...
  14. Do you mean that if mr.Cameron decides to take drugs again then it would be merely his personal choice?
  15. That's in the "etc"!