Quarter cleaning charges ????

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by two-four-albert, Dec 7, 2008.

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  1. Hi, not quite sure if this is the correct forum but in the past it has been full of good advice on various stuff. Im about to move from Germany and have been told that my cleaning fee will be 500 euro as we have a cat, my last station only charged extra if you had 2 or more pets. When I asked which regulation this came under I have been told that "It varies with the station you are posted to, and they set the prices how they want". My problem is that if I part with the cash, I expect the goods or services I shell out for to be provided, however this is not the case, Im told its done after I move out. Surely this is dodgy to the point of being illegal, or if not, can I make up an entry fee for the estate warden on the day of march out that might just spookily be 500 euros. Seriously though I would welcome any help before I go in to bat :)
  2. Have they now stoped the "Opt In" clean in germany, you paid an extra if you had pets for a deep clean, however, no way near 500 euros, it may have just been in some Garisons, however, there must be guaranteed cleaning firms that will do it for you far cheaper than that?
  3. Why not ask at your HIVE??
  4. I paid €180 for mine with me having a dog.

    I fear you are being ripped off.
  5. Name and shame the Garrison you come under & then we can put up what we are charged, or if you are being told a load of bull.
  6. I am in Germany too, my neighbours recently left and paid out the €200 to the HCSO for the cleaners. A couple of days later another family moved in, the cleaners hadnt been. I, of course then rang my former neighbours who contacted the relevant people to get their money back......brick wall, loads of bollox about writing letters requesting the cash back because they would need to officially ask the cleaners for a refund etc... Surely the cleaners shouldnt have been paid by the HCSO until they had done the work.
    5 months later, they still havent had the cash back.
  7. What type of MSQ are you in?
  8. Tell your mate to report the circumstances to SIB. No, they won't clean the FMQ for him but they are always quite interested in fraud offences
  9. text sent, cheers
  10. I reckon that this must happen quite often. When I moved into my current MQ it was bogging. Everything was filthy down to the muddy footprints in the carpet left by the movers. There was no way you would be able to march out with it in that order so he must have a 'Guaranteed March out' booked. I told the DE bloke that I wasn't accepting it in this state and he left mumbling something under his breath. When I went back a few days later hey presto it was clean. I wonder how many young lads just accept the MQ and put it down to the stories they have heard about them being crap. Thieving cnuts.
  11. Long John is right, it is an opt-in scheme - you either clean the place yourself or apply for the cleaners and pay the bill. You may want to explore seeing if you can 'vax; the carpets yourself just before you leave and get the cleaners to do the rest. That might bring the price down to 'normal' levels.
  12. Usually if you have a dog/cat you have to show a reciept to prove that your carpets were cleaned correctly, doing it yourself isnt usually an option.
  13. I heard similar happening with folk being charged for "new carpets" prior to march out and funnily enough the people that marched in never had new carpets. It was just a blag to drag money out of people.

    I had similar with a matress, was going to be charged for a new matress for the very slightest of stains so i said fair enough, this is my matress now then and ill take it with me. I never ended up geting charged for it. Similar for new carpets, rip them up if your gonna get charged and use them in the cellar at your new quarter!! as rightfully they are yours should you have to pay for them!!
  14. i've never paid the SFA cleaning charges, always seemed like a pukka rip-off, instead done it myself. name and shame the garrison
  15. My brother told me something interesting (for once) when he marched out from Church Crookham. Families were paying for cleaners. Cleaners never came. Quarter lies unoccupied for several months until it becomes eligble for a cleaning grant through which ever agency runs quarters. Quarter is occupied and guess what, still not feckin cleaned.