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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by taffridge, Oct 6, 2011.

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  1. After being told to move into the mess following a break up from my wife, After taking advice from the NSPCC and the local Childrens Services, I was forced to take legal action as she was violent towards me and the children (I wasnt too worried about myself, and always had to restrain her when she was violent towards the kids, but without me there to protect them I dreaded to think).
    The court awarded me residency due to her already having form on this, and I had to do a fastball move to a new quarter (Next door but 1 to the one she has coincedentally) Her 92 days is up next week, but she is staying put in the comfy rent free quarter. She also trades her food stall on our patch, and has assaulted myself and my 6 year old girl with a glass bottle in the last few weeks which she admitted to police. Yet she is allowed to trade on the patch until she vacates the property.
    I now find that as I am Category 2 on JPA I have to pay for both quarters, I have already recieved a bill from Defence Business Services for last months, and it states that "Charges will continue to be levied until she vacates the property and formally hand back/ return the keys to DIO Accommodation." This means to me that she can almost stay indefinitely with me paying rent for 2 quarters, supporting 2 kids and coping with all of the expense of moving into a quarter and starting again.
    I also have the debt for my wifes business as I financed it, and am paying off solicitors fees from the court case, so although Im keeping my head above water, paying 2 quarters will take its toll eventually. According to JPA 464 a soldier shouldnt pay for 2 quarters, so why am I recieving these bills? Defence Business Services dont answer when I phone, and my RAOs say its out of their hands.
  2. whats the food like?
  3. Nice, but expensive, dont order a bottle of anything though
  4. After the 92 days She should be paying for the quarter that she is living in. I think.
  5. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Try e-mailing Ali Willis at AFF. She may well have an answer:

    AFF - Housing
  6. oldbaldy

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    She is the irregular occupant so I don't see why your getting the bill!
    They should be raising the bill in her name not yours.
  7. Thats what I thought
  8. She is not at work at the moment but will try when she gets back. Cheers!
  9. Hard lines taffridge. Keep chipper!
  10. Yep (It might be 93), but once that passes, I sure the military start charging HER the proper rental. (Not the subsidised rate)

    If you have any questions about violent wives PM Bravo_Bravo he's an expert.
  11. I have to pay up until the 92 day point but the lady on the phone was very nice and they are not going to come around to kick me in the spuds for it quite yet, and I can pay in installments. However she told my oldest daughter she is gonna be my next door but one neighbour for another 3 months. Surely thats not possible, quarters are like rocking horse Forrest Gump round here
  12. DE Ops should do a hand over take over of the quarter, once she has signed for it she is liable for all rent, if passed the 93 days she will pay the full local rent, also DE will then start legal proceedings to evict from the quarter, you really need to see your welfare officer to get on your side as they should have quite a good relationship with DE OP's I thought you could only be charged for one quarter not two.

  13. Found out that it takes about 3 months to evict someone after their 92 days is up. What can you do?
  14. you could try scare tactics and send the boy's round with baseball bats and balaclavas
  15. Wouldn't the person who signed for the quarter (OP?) be responsible for the rent until it is signed back? Which appears not to have happened yet.