Quarter carpet replacement

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by stinker, Oct 17, 2011.

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  1. Not a very interesting topic I know, but I thought I'd post it bearing in mind the suspension of quarter referbishment in the next financial year due to the SDSR.

    Having just found the AFF Journal on the coffee table at work I gave it a quick read (sad I know) and discovered this nugget of information:

    Quoted cost of carpet replacement for a quarter £43.50 per sq m.


    Now seeing as the carpets in all the quarters I've had have been of crap quality who dreamt this price up? Cheapest I found after a very quick search was £8.16 per sq m.

    Beige Tufted Heritage Thames Twist | Carpetright

    Now by my thinking I could recarpet 4 quarters for the price of 1.

    Do I get a GEMS award for this? or ridicule for being a sad twat.
  2. Does the £43.50 include fitting, taking up of old, disposal, underlay, QM's beer money backhander, paying some civil servant to watch the fitter and provide "governance"?

    £43.50 is probably over the odds but it won't be as simple as just cost of carpet
  3. Does anyone pay for carpet fitting anymore? Most "floor covering expert" business throw the fitting underlay etc in with the price of the carpet now. Though probably not for £8.16 a meter to be honest.
  4. No, because the cnut who signed off on the contract won't be getting his plain brown envelope bonus.
  5. £43.50? That's a ****ing lot of money, even if does include removal of the old and fitting of the new. Someone out there is making some decent wedge on this scam.
  6. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    We're in SSSA at the moment and there is a nasty stain on the study carpet floor which I hope was there when we occupied the place / comes out when we get the carpet washed / doesn't bother the owner over much because I can't help thinking that replacing the carpet won't be cheap.

    WTF anyone renting out their gaff would put light beige carpets in is beyond me. Our house, which we rent out, has dark stain resistant carpets.
  7. MSQ Carpets are lifed for 12 years!! Very few people keep their own carpets for that time. Nevertheless the standard is supposed to for that length time and consequently "they" would claim that extra hardwearing -longlife carpets cost more. Is it true - well hardly if you think about the number of times carpets are changed before their economic life is achieved.