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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Ash_Plant, Feb 5, 2002.

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  1. Serious question:

    A mate of mine lives in a Type 5 (Capts) quarter which is not (quite) where he works.  He is a Maj.  He is after a Type 4 (Major's) quarter where he works.  The one that may come available is lived in bya fat Crab who has been there for ever but is no longer posted there.  He is apparently going to be ejected soon.

    But the boss of the camp (my mate is in a lodger unit) is writing a justification for the quarter to be tied to his 2ic for operational reasons (of which there the square root of f**k all!).  But the current 2ic lives 25 miles away in his own house.  

    Is this legit?  Can my chum do anything about it?
  2. I know several peolpe who are living in quarters 'illegally'.  They are donig it to suit their own personal situation.  It is an unacceptable situation for those who have a genuine need to move into service accm, to be met with such difficulties.

    The problem is that the DHE do not get sent posting orders like the chain of command used to.  The only thing they care about is having someone in the accm paying rent.  I wonder if those peolple living illegally in order to maintain a stable existance, are also claiming boarding school allowance?

    The only way round the problem is to make a formal complaint and name names.

    Are you prepared to do that, and hope you have an understanding and descreet CO?
  3. With a name like Ash Plant, you must be a Fusilier? so am I.
  4. Im shagging a bird from our admin offis and she says that the whole place is totally fukd up and they havent got decent computers and stuff
  5. I am most definitely not a fusilier!!!
  6. On quarter allocations. Ruperts & Toms.  I am dreading my next UK move as I know the MQ will be some two up, two down 1950 Other Rank box.  I would have served for 18 years and the crusty old system thinks that some grimy terrace in fine for a SNCO however the local council would not put their local Kosovar immigrants into.  HOWEVER when have you ever seen an Officer patch with tiny little boxes?  I lived in an unhealthy prefab, which the local civvy doctor classed as a health hazard, but it fell on deaf ears.

    My question is - why should I not be able to rent any MQ, irrespective of rank?  If I am happy in a two up box then fine, but if I am prepared to pay for a sizeable "officer MQ" then why not let me occupy it?

    Comments much welcome and any horror stories would be of great interest!
  7. and why do teachers in Germany get special priveledges on housing when in the uk teachers are nearly as low as squaddies. why should they get 5 bedroom houses and no kids and for free!!!!!!! they get far too much anyway
  8. E1


    I fully agree with you why when you have worked hard for promotion to the Sgt's Mess etc you are treated the same as some young tom just in and married. The old system was by far fairer. I have had some very hard fights with the DHE over this and as usual it all falls on deaf ears. My question would be that in the current situation a WO could have as his next door neighbours the worse admin case under his command. Can you imagine the working relationship and problems this can cause? The poor old WO would come home and find his car scratched or worse etc. When will the DHGE wake up to this problem. The RAF still have a sort of system in place they put all there techs in one area away from the rest of the rif raf. I do sympathise with you but it ant gonna change over night.
  9. The secret spy base at Chicksands was bought off the Septics about 5 or 6 years ago. There are two types of quarter. Three beds and four beds.  Pte to Capt get 3 beds, and majs upwards get 4 beds. Not sure about WO1s....

    Why should you get a bigger quarter just because you've got more rug-rats? Life-style choice surely? Goes all the way back to the singlies / PADS arguement....  why should one group suffer just because they haven't made the same life-style choices as the others?  

    20 year Warrant Officer shoe-horned into a small gaff, while Admin nightmare who has married into a family with kids gets a 5-bedder?  I think not!!
  10. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    It's true what you say - the DHE don't give a shit about rank - they just shove you into the first empty qtr they can find.  My unit is a nightmare, we have Offrs and SNCOs living next door to Ptes and there are now civvies on the estate.  How can you have a right old argy-bargy with the missus (amongst other things), knowing that a more junior or more senior rank is next door listening to everything going on?
  11. Because then the people with big families who genuinely need them won't be able to get in them because you and the rest of your higher pay band buddies have got in first.
  12. To return to the thread: the CO will have to justify to the DHE and the Garrison HQ (who act as the true interface with DHE) the reasons why this quarter has to be tied to his 2IC for operational reasons. The CO will have to have a strong case which must answer the reason why he has managed to survive up to now with his 2IC living 25 miles away.

    If there is a good case which will be judged on its merits and backed by the Garrison HQ, then I afraid your chum has lost. Far better I suggest, is to go the Desk Officer in Garrison or Bde/Div whoever is acting as the interface, and speak to them. They are responsible for tied quarters which in effect, what this is. I would add it is very rare for a 2IC to be given a tied house, normally Commanding Officers and above who are in command posts. Good luck Ash Plant and keep us all posted on the outcome.

    With regards to mixed quarter areas. Yes there are some particularly in RAF areas but they are rare in Army quarter areas. They are normally introduced with a new build to ensure equal jam for all.

    Remember you can appeal if you do not like the quarter you have been allocated. If there are spare, then you will be offered one of those, though of course this might be further from your place of work. Do not deal with your Unit Welfare staff on this, go straight to your EMO, and if you do not get satisfaction write to the DHE housing manager copy to your unit welfare officer. All too often, complaints are not heard by the DHE heirachy and so they cannot be resolved. Use them !!

    Good question but I am afraid the Army is not that equal yet.

    An important point raised in this thread is mixed military and civilian housing. This rarely works as the civilian housing tends to be social housing which causes all sorts of problems. There is conciderable local pressure for the Army to share their quarter areas which is being fiercely resisted by the chain of command and long may they continue to do so.

    In summary, if you are not happy with the service the DHE provide, complain to your EMO, and if still no satisfaction complain in writing to the DHE Housing Manger, copy to your welfare unit officer. DHE are there to provide a service - after all.  :)
  13. This is a real hot topic and one that is not easy to sort out. I for one believe that rank should have its priviliges and therefore the higher up you go, the better house you can get. Unfortunately, I don't believe that there are enough 'better' houses to enable this.

    I currently live in a 3 bedroom terrace which is actually not bad compared to some. However, if I were a civvy I would not be seen dead in a place like it. Nowadays, SNCOs (and some JNCOs) are far more affluent and expect a better standard of living comensurate with their income. However, the MQs were probably all built when your average tom was happy just to have a roof over his head and an inside lavvy.

    What does p**s me off is the elitist, two tier system that still exists in some places. When everyone was moving into Bruggen, housing was a big issue. The majority of persons (including WOs) were being shoehorned into tiny 2 bedroom boxes that were not big enough to house all of their furniture. When you asked for a 3 bedroom (which were all sitting empty) you were told, sorry they are all waiting to be PUMA'd. Yet over 18 months later they were still sitting empty!!

    And the best one of all, after being told the usual sob story of there is not enough quarters or not enough money to modernise your 1960s kitchen, a certain COs wife did not like the carpets in her 6 bedroom mansion. Guess what though....they found thousands of Euros to replace them all. Don't you just love it!!
  14. HarrytheB

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  15. and whats wrong with living in a terrace house?? :?: