Quarter Allocation

I was posted in the Summer however due to a deployment straight away the Mrs wanted to stay in the current quarter until I got back then we would move. Completed the forms and asked for a quarter in the 1st week of December. DIO came back with a house outside the 20 mile limit (as stated in the JSP) so we refused it. It turns out that I used the RAC route finder and it came in with around 23 miles. They use the AA which comes in at 18.5 so they are saying 'tough'. The issue I have with using the AA is that for the last 5 miles or so of the journey it uses single track country lanes that are not maintained at all and are frankly treacherous in the winter (I use a motorbike to commute). I know this sounds bone but can you appeal this? No one in their right mind would select this route - there are perfectly good B - roads that will get you there quicker but obviously this would extend the distance and so invalidate their offer.

Any advice would be appreciated. When I get back I am not looking forward to a cheeky 45 mile commute along Wilthshires sh"ttest roads never mind the hassles of mess functions etc etc!
Try the appeal route although HIC Warminster are shite and are starting to offer homes up to 25 miles away because of the lack of SFAs.

Good luck!

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