Quantum Physics

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Plant-Pilot, Nov 3, 2005.

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  1. Which school of thought are you? Superposition or Many worlds? And are we anywhere near a working Quantum Computer?
  2. Is this a WAH?
  3. Ah...that sounds like an in-joke from RSS. You guys on T1?
  4. I would let you know but I do not have enough cats to make an informed decision
  5. Surely you only need one cat...... if that would prove anything, which it wouldn't unles you want to be 'potentialy' cruel to a cat?
  6. Schrodinger has all of the cats and he's a right jack c***
  7. What's cruel about sticking a cat in a sealed box and contemplating the very nature of the universe?
  8. You seem to have convieniently forgotten the vile of cyanide :oops:
  9. Patron saint of the corps she should be
  10. We're certainly closer than Cro Magnons were - although we have discovered sanitation in the meantime; which must be a bonus! :?: :lol:
  11. Don't get technical with me matey. If we're getting technical here, only one cat in two of the universe's created when the cat is put in the box will die of from the hydrocyanic acid. Therefore there is no cruelty done to the cat until the lid is removed from the box and the probability fields collapse and you fimd out which of the two reality's you are left with.
  12. Reading in the New Scientist this week that so far the best quantum comptuer can calculate as well as an 11 year old girl
  13. That's not all that bad for a few electrically excited particles is it?!!!
  14. But then again, even with no cat, surely you could put "no cat" in the box and it may exist :lol:

  15. This thread is ARRSe but just got back from a sherbert or 2 and banged one out whilst looking at the picture of the Vordemeister.

    I don't care but I will no doubt seek professional help tomorrow.