Quantum Particles Borrow Their Energy From The Future

Discussion in 'The Science Forum' started by Dashing_Chap, Mar 26, 2013.

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  1. I've heard this quoted a few times now, apparently it's been tested in the lab too so it's all kosher.

    Particles can exist in a vacuum by appearing out of no-where and then suddenly disappear out of existence again. Where do they come from? Apparently they 'borrow' energy from the future so that they can be created. Pretty crazy eh?


    This is just a physics blog though, I have heard it quoted by physicists and written in a few science mags.

    Sacha Vongehr has stated this in one of his blogs too:

    Virtual Particles Real Yet Real Ones Unreal According To Feynman

    Sascha Vongehr's Profile | Science 2.0

    And this from the New York Times:


    It would be interesting to get a science paper where these particles have been observed in the lab. It's such an absurd concept that something could get energy from a future which hasn't even happened that it's too incredible to believe.

  2. Think I prefered your threesome thread
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  3. Sounds like the Cyprus banking system

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  4. DC
    Very interesting, and a bit spooky. It sounds like the sort of thing that Douglas Adams would have come up with.
  5. if they appear then disappear sounds to me evidence for higher dimensions..if space/time is different in the higher dimension (as it must be) ten that would account for the "future" ... I suspect when mathematical proofs are shoehorned into the English language something is lost/mangled in the translation
  6. Borrowing fom the future you say ? Then disappearing to parts unknown you say ?

    So that's the Gordon Broon fiscal model's origins and the saving of the banks bollox then . And i thought he was responding to the voices in his head ......
  7. It sounds like the laws of physics have been engaging the services of Goldmann Sachs, the shady zorro masked bank which assisted the: German, French and Greek governments in moving their new debts into the future.
  8. Stopped reading as my head thoughts were begining to hurt.
  9. Do they live on a council estate in Hull by any chance?

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  10. Is it possible to get an electric meter to draw on future electrons, from the next occupants bill perhaps?

    I'm sick of being plunged into darkness whenever the streetlights go off.
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  11. I want to understand. I really try and all my brain does is this;
  12. Here's a simplified vid to explain:

    If you ignore the patronising cartoon bullshyt it's actually quite a good explanation for weird quantum stuff.

    The basic premise of quantum mechanics is that stuff on the atomic level behaves as a wave, i.e. it can be in more than one position when you're not observing it. But when you do observe it this 'wave' collapses and the atomic matter becomes a single atom or photon.

    But if everything is made of atoms, does this mean that larger things like the moon behave like a wave when you're not looking at it? That's the bit which is screwed up.

    The other screwed up part is entanglement, meaning that if two atoms are 'connected' then making one spin will make the other spin at precisely the same time, even if they were on the opposite sides of the universe. This breaks the rule about information being limited to the speed of light and suggests everything in the universe is somehow connected.

    The latest absurd claim, which this thread is all about, is that this atomic matter and stuff can pop out of no-where in a vacuum and then just as quickly disappear. They supposedly do this by 'borrowing' their energy from the future.

    The universe is definitely stranger than we can imagine.

  13. The part from 6.25 onwards in this vid is crazy, I want to find one of those photographs showing a superposition.
  14. I don't have a problem with this... forget about particles. They are just illusions in a snapshot of time....like looking out of a porthole on a ship and you see the tip of a wave. The wave is part of a sea full of waves. They pop up and down at a certain frequency... but we think that it is in one place because we can only focus sharply on it when the frequency clicks with our vision....the brain is like a high speed camera, blink and the wave is gone to a new position. Movement is the illusion that time creates.

    Imagine a film exposure of an F1 car when the shutter speed is too slow....it appears blurred. This is showing the car in several places at the same time as it is spread accross the image... Then looking at the grain of the film one sees that at the highest magnification, in some places there is nothing there. Only the chemical elements that are sensitive to light were affected.

    Our eyes and brain are not evolved to see things as they really are. Just accept that we are lucky enough to have a fleeting gimpse of existence and can interact with some bits because we are actually connected to it.
  15. When a real scientist steps into the room give me a nod so I can genuflect in the appropriate manner!