Quantum computer solves problem, without running

By combining quantum computation and quantum interrogation, scientists at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have found an exotic way of determining an answer to an algorithm – without ever running the algorithm.


That's great news. We all knew that if they managed to get a Quantum computer to work, almost all our problems would be solved.... including it seems saving anergy, as they don't even have to switch it on!
I always hated quantum physics at A-Level, you've just re-enforced that fact. (In case anyone cares I'm not a simpleton and achieved an A in physics, I just cant stand the idea of superposition and phase space).
msr - please, please get out more!!

the uni geeks said:
It seems absolutely bizarre that counterfactual computation – using information that is counter to what must have actually happened
It is absolutely bizarre, i think it means its getting it wrong!!! No doubt the nipper will want one for xmas.
Quantum mechanics is freaky. The more accurately you try to measure the position of a quantum particle, the more you displace its position, so you just sort of 'agree to disagree'. I love that bizarre irony. Continuing the supposition....the less you care about something the better your progress. I reckon that's possibly the key to the fairer sex and it explains why girls love blokes who are *********. See...I've just used quantum physics and getting off with chicks in the same discussion. Gulp....I must be a geek!
Litotes said:
Does Schroedinger's cat have to be switched on or can it be left on standby?

Doesn't matter does it? Since it may well be both switched on and on standby at the same time if you give it the right environment.
If Schroedinger's cat is both dead or alive at the same time, does that means you can't be done for animal cruelty if you dump the box in the Thames?

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