Quangos - All You Need to Know

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by meridian, Oct 26, 2009.

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  1. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    Interesting report


  2. Well, there's one glaring error there at least - if you take the Wikipedia definition of a quango:

    "A body which has a role in the processes of national government, but is not a government department or part of one, and which accordingly operates to a greater or lesser extent at arm's length from Ministers."

    DE&S is very much part of a government department.
  3. Perhaps I'm a little world weary but I'm not in the least surprised by any of this. As the report states politicians "use quangos to avoid taking responsibility".

    What worries me is that the Public sector in the UK has become the equivalent of the Military Industrial Complex in the US. A massive vested interest in ever increasing cycles of expansion using public money. How many people owe their salary to the public purse? Soldiers apart, I suspect Turkeys will not vote for Christmas and consequently a govt that will dramatically cut back the size of the public sector.

    Alas it will require a major crisis before people actually face facts that the public sector Britain has is at a scale it simply cannot afford even in the height of the boom whatever about the current crunch.
  4. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    Semi-Autonomous Public Bodies, thats the content of the report but I thought everyone would find the term Quango more interesting :D
  5. Also isn't the Royal Mail by far the largest quango?
  6. I don't think the RM's a quango at all - it doesn't play any role in the legislative or regulatory processes of government. I stand to be corrected though.
  7. Should you click through to the main body of the report, make sure that no breakable objects are nearby :x

    National College for School Leadership. Potential savings: £82,974,000

    "Set up to improve the quality of head-teachers, the NCSL has had a limited impact. Indeed Government now favours a ‘federation’ approach to school management, with proven ‘super-heads’ taking over a number of schools."

    Ah yes. Where to start. Mrs B. knows a fair bit about this lot and their "mission". Got a very big & shiney conference centre in Nottingham. A vast talking shop.

    Welsh Channel 4 (S4C) Potential savings: £98,440,000

    "S4C provides a dedicated platform for Welsh language television. As part of the continuing devolution of responsibilities to Cardiff, funding for S4C should now transfer to the Welsh Assembly."

    OK moving money from one pocket to another but let it come out of the Welsh pocket!

    but mere warm-ups compared to:

    Regional Development Agencies (x9) Potential savings £2,212,016,000

    "RDAs have not delivered on their objectives. Government appraisals of their performance have been forced to project ‘possible future benefits’ from the activities of RDAs to justify their current existence."

  8. I'm sure that we could do without some of the bodies highlighted in here (why is there still a 'Women's National Commission' when we also have the 'Equality and Human Rights Commission' - it doesn't even keep Harriet Harman out of the papers.)

    As U_S said, though, they've included a lot of things that are directly managed bits of the MOD - DE&S, DCSA (who were subsumed into DE&S, IIRC), Defence Vetting, MCTC etc. In these austere times, we could save some £15m per year by cutting all subsidies to the military museums* (which I would regret, personally), and, of course, we could bin the AFPRB 'cause we know that's a bit of a joke ... I presume that many departments have similar core or significant activities included here. Bring them back under overt departmental control, if necessary but I don't think you get much more cash or benefits as a 2* or 3* "Head of Agency" than if you were "ACDS(Blah)".

    * Why are the Naval museums apparently so much better at getting non-govt income? Around 75% of it, for the Fleet Air Arm (the best of them) and 40% for the Submarine Museum (the worst), as opposed to just 12% for the National Army Museum?
  9. TPA treat it as one, reasonably, I think:

    The BBC is under the DCMS on p25, with the World Service under FCO on p34. I can't find the Royal Mail anywhere in the actual lists.