Right- after trawling the net for a real answer concerning the quals needed to be a vehicle mech- does anyone know what quals i need?!?!?

one says that GCSE's (various) are needed alone
the other says that i need some city and guilds crap.
Anyone have a real idea?

Education Standard
GCSE Grade D or above in Maths, Science and English Language.
...or First or National Certificate in Engineering/Electrical & Electronic Engineering.
...or BTEC National Diploma in Motor Vehicle Studies.
...or Intermediate/Advanced GNVQ in Engineering or Electronic Engineering.
...or Intermediate GNVQ in Manufacturing.
...or City & Guilds/NVQ Level 2 or above in appropriate engineering disciplines may be accepted at the discretion of the SPSO to compliment some, or all, of the GCSEs
Must have less than 4 penalty points on driving licence.

There you go straight from the REME jobs web site
yes now A*toC is a good pass and rest is a pass
I dont think the grade really matters now days, the end result from the factory is still useless. I ask you the standard that comes out of Bordon now is beyond a joke.
When the say that the latest generation is so intelligent, why was the pass mark lowered to 50% so these brainiac's can complete trade training. All the other late and great VM's that went through the mill managed to pass the old higher mark, and we are classed as the idiots compared to this new wonder wizz kids.
I just think that the world is going down hill as it seems that hard work is starting to kill the youngsters of today.
I am not sure the standard is so much worse, there have always been good bad and average soldiers from every intake. Undoubtedly the most outstanding Cfn I have worked with only came from the factory 3 years ago!


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