Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by carpetsfm7sr94champs, Jul 27, 2005.

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  1. Within R.Signals do we offer the highest in academic Qualifications in the Army ? That is to say quals like for instance ,BSc, MSc etc..
  2. The CISM course for Capt > Major gains a Masters Degree (MSc); the LE Officer course also has a modular masters degree; the Foreman of Signals gets a Bachelors Degree(BSc moving up to a BSc(Hons)) shortly.

    Pretty good in my estimation.
  3. And you also have NVQ Level 2 in 'We think that we are a teeth arm' as well. Marvellous.
  4. Obviously a failed tradesman. LOL

    Teeth Support my friend. Same as Artillery.
  5. Teeth Support? hahhahaahahahahaahahahaahha

    Is that in the same way as AAC are supposed to be a Teeth Arm?


  6. [​IMG]


    teeth support ? :twisted:
  7. Laugh all you want, but I believe the Army regards the teeth to be inf, cav and AAC with teeth support coming from Sigs, Arty, Engrs.

    Don't the band give out degrees for their bandmasters? It's a 3 year course too, so it must be one of the longer courses in the army.
  8. Much rather have AAC protecting me than you cnut. They are a Teeth Arm, FACT. Deal with it loser.
  9. Why am I obviously a failed tradesman? I've never been a tradesmen. Trades are for the working class. It makes them feel as if they matter.
  10. What is this Teeth arm pump? :D that terminology went out with the Chieftain tank didnt it?

    Combat Arms

    Household Cavalry
    Armoured Corps
    Army Air Corps (how anyone can think that they arent in the Combat Arm when they are specifically for anti tank operations is beyond me).

    Combat Support

    Royal Artillery
    Royal Engineers
    Royal Signals
    Int Corps

    Support Services

    Army Medical Services (Qaranc, RAMC, RAVC, RADC)
    Corps of Army Music

    Cut and dried really but the Artillery doubling up as Infantry is still common even though in reality they never get any closer to the front line than we do :D
  11. Check out the Open University pages ref the Credit transfer.

    You will see that the Sigs "only" have the FofS as a real qual. However the REME, Bandmaster's,PTI's, Engineer's, Ammo tech's, Flyboy's have many.

    So No they don't.
  12. Are the int corps combat support? I thought they were support.

    The AAC also carry out recce roles aswell?
  15. Actually thinking about it I don't really agree with this idea of AAC as a teeth arm, yes they have a anti-tank role and recce capability, however there main role is providing land forces with a helo capability. If you claim they are combat then surely I can claim RA as teeth.

    Why ? Well if the definition of combat is being in an attacking or engaging the enemy role then what else does arty do but engage, sure its at distance but whens the last time you see an apache fitted for bayonet ? Also what about AD, if that isn't direct contact then what else is ? Chuck in OP etc and there is a real arguement.


    At the end of the day the bragging rights go to the unit that enters the village first, however in Kosovo that seemed to be my lot with the USMC some hours behind :D