Quals for Promotion - Why bother?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by dingerr, Jun 12, 2006.

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  1. I've just heard that 6 of the AT's on the recent Cpl - Sgt promotion board are still T2. with 2 of them being given dispensation for parts of the upgrading that they cant complete on medical grounds.

    Furthermore i have been told that there are a number of A/Sgt at ATSG that did not get picked up whilst the Cpl's did.

    Does anyone know why people are being given dispensation for parts of the upgrading?

    Also is this a tempory dispensation and the individuals will be required to attend once they are FE? And if they are never going to be FE why are they not MD'd. Due to their status they will never don the EOD suit and therfore will miss a large part of the trade and will be much maligned because of it.

    Apologies to the individuals concerned if you are reading this, this isn't personal just a professional opinion that i am sure will be shared by many.

    And finally - This is concerned with AT's, but do other trades have the same situation where personel are promoted into positions that they are not qualified for.

    P.S FCUK ME ITS HOT : :roll:
  2. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Old int my old flower. De-selections have been made by MRO.
  3. There are many, many wonderful resons. I however can only think of one.

    1. Because it's the Army. simple as.

    yes it is hot by the way, very very hot!!
  4. Although, yes they will never don the EOD suit, there are jobs they can do in the AT world........

    Firstly - Remember we are Ammunition Technicians first and not just Bomb Gods.

    Secondly - Be greatful for this hindsight by MRO, as they can only do the jobs and postings you don't want to do.

    Finally - Dont feel threatened by these people....... I don't......
  5. Thanks Melchers, but i understand the downgraded upgraders are still boarded

    This is detrimental to the trade as a whole. There are certain criteria required for qualification to Sgt and even T1 status. If this is allowed to continue then maybe the upgrading should just be an attendance course and all personnel should be granted Sgt rank once attended.

    It is unfair to the other AT's who have passed the complete upgrading course. There has been a bar set and it should be achieved. The latest offing on the pipeline is that intermediate IEDD is to be reintroduced into the upgrading (duty rumour - not sure of validity). Will this also be dispensed with.

    What crappy jobs that no one else wants then. I dont think there is one job in the trade that NO AT wants.

    Nor is this thread about bomb gods its about fairness.

    I do not feel threatened by these people we are at totally different stages of career.

    Now the Big Scottish One, drunk, naked, fork in hand, p155ed off makes me feel threatened, but thats about it.

    These people might be fantastic technicians, it is not the point of the thread to criticise the individual and no one is going to turn down promotion without a very valid reason.
  6. I too am not passing judgement, defending or condoning what has happened to the 2 individuals.

    I Know one has been promoted to do a specific job, which in turn frees up the work load and pressures of other collegues. Which everyone must agree is a good thing in the times we are in. The other I cannot speak for.

    The individuals did not complete BCMD... One I know was for medical reasons so was dispensated.

    We all know that the people that be like to move goal posts from time to time to suit their needs. Yes, I agree with you that maybe it's a mistake what has happened, a bench mark may now be set and will now be hard to remove, but realistically it will relieve pressures from other indivduals.

    Food for thought...., Maybe its now time to bring in performance related bounties to the trade, for excample qualifing as IEDD (JS & HT) Operators as the jungle drums have beaten for many months now.
  7. All those boarded had scored enough points and were well above the quality line as set by the board. The cock up came about because no one bothered to check if they were all suitably qualified. Now the question has to asked, those acting Sgt's who were not boarded, should they still be acting? There seems to be a trend that once qualified as T1 then promotion is seen as an automatic right.

    There are more than medical downgrading issues to be looked at for suitability for promotion. I would argue that other personal discrepancies such as bad financial management or perpretation of domestic violence as examples, should also question the suitability of anyone within the trade.

    I would rather have a medically downgraded person than someone with questionable personal ethics who could not be trusted.
  8. We all know that the performance related pay idea will never happen because it involves spending money.

    I that neither completed BCMD and the one also did not complete UXO. Therefore is depot bound all the way.

    Are they also excused op tours?

    If it may seem a little harsh on the individuals concerned what about all the other guys who fill in the gaps.

    I am aware that one is undertaking alot of the tasks in Edinburgh. Fine as long as the Qualified Operators there have to do nothing with GM, Unit inspections, ammunition account, accident investigation, lectures, devices for SF, CBRN van, sweeping up, brew making or dry bumming.

    And before you ask spent four years there so i know how busy it can get and spending 14 hour on the road to deal with niff naff and trive gets a little tedious.
  9. Dingerr......

    I understand where your coming from.

    As for the subject of tours it all depends on as to what extent they are downgraded and if the doctor lets them go.... I've been on Op tours with people who are downgraded......

    The question would be; do they want to do the tour ?
  10. Who does want to do a tour given the option?

    They should be warned off for Op Tours just like everyone else and if unable to attend or sent back should be a negative point in their CR.

    No liability for tours should + no X-factor.
  11. We can only wait and see, if and when it happens. No doubt the jungle drums will bang and let the world know if they bunk off one................
  12. So if i read this right,our latest GC holder should be reduced in pay because he is A. medically downgraded and B. because he cant do any tours?

    FYI both downgraded personnel were on TELIC 1 and both have done numerous tours prior to that.
  13. here is a question for dingerr. If you had an accident today that left you permanently medically downgraded, but was not serious enough to get a med discharge, would you be happy to take a pay cut and have your career progress stopped dead in its tracks?

    Or replace accident with a sudden diagnosis of a debilitating disease such as parkinsons, MS, AIDS, cancer etc?
  14. All Im saying is give the guys a chance to prove themselves in the rank, doing the job they will be paid for. I don't feel the fact that you are downgraded matters.

    Can the trade afford to not let them progress.... I don't think so.... Like I said earlier it will take the burden off others..... And a large sum of money has been shelled out to train these guys. OK they never done BCMD, most people i've spoken to feel it should be taken away from the upgraders and set as a stand alone spec qual....
  15. I submit looking at this from the perspectives that the last two posts present do make my comments look ill thought out. However the point of the thread was people being selected for Sgt whilst not fullfilling the promotional criteria and they have'nt been able to do that as a result of being downgraded.

    Capt N has already fullfilled all the criteria for his status and then some and as such deserves a massive degree of respect. Knowing the man i have no doubt that he will still offer a great deal to the trade and i think he's done enough tours to justify his x-factor 10 times over.