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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Jul 11, 2006.

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  1. msr

    msr LE


  2. When I first started our PSI used to make up posters like that (obviously at that time it was cutting out pictures and then photocopying the flyer)

    Worked a treat, used to get them through the door once a month with the Tuesday night training programme. Knew exactly what was going on and generated interest.

    thanks msr for reminding me about that ......
  3. msr

    msr LE

    This was made by one of my Sgts and I liked it so much I thought it deserved wider publicity...

  4. Fantastic!

    Thats what all warning orders should be like for young Toms. All they really want to know is: What fun stuff am I going to be doing? Where is it? When is it? and Who do I see to get on it?

    Why is it that the most simple things are sometimes the hardest to think of.

    I would love to see that format used in my TAC but alas its the normal 10 page warning order with feeding plans, ammo scales, transport arrangements etc. :x

    Honestly are my Toms interested in all that? Are they fcuk!

    Just tell them where they're going to be and what fun stuff they'll be doing and they are happy as a pig in the proverbial.
  5. msr

    msr LE

    I believe you may be confusing warning order with admin order...

  6. I can see the reasoning, we used to see the posters and know exactly what we needed to bring just from the 'advert' and at waht time (although on my first weekend I tabbed around all weekend with sports and pub gear in my bergan)
  7. Nope - Thats our warning orders - when we get them that is. For the last 3 exercises they never even bothered sending our platoon one :?

    We normally find out about activities on the weekend second hand from other Platoons - Not really an acceptable way to run things I feel
  8. Stag Monster

    You have Shite headshed.

  9. I like that warning order! Wish all the warning orders i got were all like that, clear, simple, to the point and also fun.
  10. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    We follow a similar format, but with just a bit more detail (time, kit required, dress etc) and post it on the board with a sign up sheet at least 1 month before the exercise date. Does any one sign up? Do they FCUK! We still end up ringing around to try and find out numbers coming in. Amazing how many people seem to have theri phones off on Tuesday night!


    PS busy weekend if all of the promised lessons are to be taught and practiced
  11. This has always been an issue since the Ark - how to communicate effectively to our Toms.
    In the good old days (out comes lamp) we used to recieve letters in the post to each soldier not the ful instruction but 1 sheet A4 giving all you needed to know. For cost reasons this was stopped. Now we publisk a poster on the notice board, e-mail full letter to Coy & Pl HQ staff and I usually peronally grab every scroat in the corridor at some point and ask them direct - If they know nothing about it, I then ask their Pl HQ why they don't know? - and still there are some who slip through the net.
    With the advent of DII we are getting all our soldiers to take ARMYNET ID's/ mail accounts and will hold a e-mail address list at Coy level to mail out this type of stuff once again.
    However I still believe face to face discussions with our soldiery by well motivate PL staff is the best sales technique (just need to work on the latter!)

  12. Tell me about it.

    Morale in my platoon is at rock bottom becuase of the headshed. We have a CO going round saying he is going to sack Sgt X for not turning up at the weekend even though Sgt X made it clear that he won't be able to go 8 weeks beforehand (due to family commitments)! We have NCO's that haven't been promoted for nearly a year even though they've done the course (and did well on it), the slots are available and they are generally good blokes.

    We have a QM that won't issue the Platoon enough PLCE which means that if all of our regular attenders in the platoon turned up (approx 12) for a weekend we wouldn't all have kit. I know for a fact that it's sat in the RQMS stores he just won't give it to us though. Plt Sgt has indented for it numerous times over the past year. Meanwhile there are companies with kit above their establishment in the unit.

    We have an OC who won't listen to his NCO's with regards to the lack of suitable equipment for training. i.e At my location we no longer have any weapons (of any description), compasses or any other military equipment apart from minimal sets of PLCE. Despite several requests for the equipment over the past 6 months nothing has come back to us.

    Toms are getting pi**ed off on weekends because the training is too fast paced and they are not able to take it all in (not enough time spent on basic skills and drills IMHO) and all that happens is that they bollocked by everyone from JNCO's to the TM & CO because they are not sure of what they are doing.

    I really do feel for the state of my Platoon, Company and the Btn as a whole if things keep carrying on like this. It's got so bad that despite an apparently decent camp this year being set up with some Gucci training that Toms and NCO's would rather do a course, any course, to avoid going and getting fcuked around.

    Despite this I am not inclined to seek a transfer and would rather work with people to become part of the solution rather than just wash my hands off it and walk away after nearly ten years.
  13. 'Infantry style'?
    Looks more like infantry subjects covered in a 'corps style' to me.
    Talk about seven phases of war in a weekend! :roll:
  14. msr

    msr LE

    I do like to try and be more constructive with my comments than 'fuck off', but on this occasion I won't.

  15. Suit yourself, but for someone whose sig block bangs on about senses of proportion and common sense, I'd like to see the timings on your coord instructions.
    I won't say anything about your sense of humour 'cos that's obviously got a big red flashing light over it at the mo'.

    Mods...they're so touchy these days.