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I've lobbed up a couple of exclamation marks next to some of the better threads to date, ones that have genuinley raised a chortle and gathered decent, well thought out, contributory responces of the past few days.

Its refreshing to see effort being made, and I've hardly had to delete any crayoning.

I'm sure it isn't the turning of a corner, but am hoping this might bring back some of our wordsmiths and serial dirty cnuts like Shortfuse, RTFQ, Convoy and Rigger, the very people who's input and stories made the foundations of the NAAFI bar.

Please, if its just a one word responce or a 'Ooh I just laughed out loud, die...... don't bother.

Think before submitting, if its an internet link, die..... or post it in the internet links thread in the Stickies, its lit up in big lights and has dayglo arrows pointing at it, so even Ray charles would see it.

There has been alot of whinging abotu standards in here over previous weeks, I promised to try and do something about it, but without input from those who whinge it will fall flat.

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