Quality reporting by the BBC



Don't start getting upset by BBC reporting standards. It's a slippery slope to head down and ends in despair and the inevitable topping of oneself.
Daily Telegraph said:
String them up by the watch-chains

My colleague Tom Chivers has written a blog post mocking The Times for describing the Queen’s encounter with Martin McGuinness as “an [sic] historic meeting”. As he puts it: “Verily, thou art speaking like thou hast watched too many costume dramas, milord.”

Quite right, Tom. Sticking the letter “n” before “historic” or “hotel” is a ghastly genteelism. I associate it with the sort of self-conscious young fogeys who call the radio the “wireless” and probably belong to the East India Club. Every time I hear them talk about “an historic occasion” I want to strangle them with their watch-chains. Or, if they’re sporting casual dress, with their cravats.
That stung a bit, especially as I'm an Eastindiaman!
Haha the grammar nazis are turning on each other. Soon we'll all be able to misspell till our hearts content!!!!

Ps I'll stand by for incoming. Haha
Tossers - not you Plume old chap. I guess I'm one of those fogeys, though hardly young, who continues to put 'an' before historic and hotel. I don't wear a cravat though and it's been a long time since I listened to the wireless (not since that nice young Donna Summers sang 'On the radio' - rest her soul). Mind you how else does one secure one's watch if not with a chain?
East India Club? Good lord is that den of iniquity still creaking along?

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