Quality of dental care in the army?

Hey all.
i am soon to be joining up, fingers crossed, and have recently had a lot of dental work done in order to pass the medical at adsc to make sure everything is all good.

So what im asking is just like the title says. what is dental care like in the army? is it on par with the nhs? better worse? what are your thoughts and experiences when it comes to your pearly whites?
Its been 2 years since i left but generally the treatment is at least on a par with the NHS, with the added benefit of your dentist not being restrained by time or cost. As with all systems there are problems the biggest when I was in the RADC was that it was difficult to deconflict the troops schedules with dental availablity. This was usualy due this was the operational and training tempo (of both units and dental staff) which caused delays in completion of treatment.

This wasnt helped by smaller units sharing dental teams - pain in the arrse for the Defence Dental Service having to travel all over the place.

On the whole the DDS was good at delivering a high quality clinical service but they could be a bit more efficient.

Incidentally Im opening a dental education centre in Blackpool in Sep if any dental peeps are interested i'll be recruiting soon

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