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  1. [align=left]I'd like to get other's perspective on the way RMP promote to Sgt. Do you believe that a potential SNCO should not be downgraded and be fit, i.e be able to pass the requisite Army physical tests and have the relevant experience and knowledge.

    Or should it be enough that they have the necessary knowledge and experience to do the job, however they are downgraded or physically unable to even participate in PT.

    My personal view is that experience and knowledge with a good standard of fitness should be at least the minimum to get you considered for promotion......arranging mess functions don't help in Iraq or Afghanistan.

    This is not a dig at certain people and I am not a disgruntled Corporal, just interested in other opinions.[/align] :frustrated:
  2. Seems now adays, within corps at least, that all you have to be is course qualified and get the recommendation. The manning shortfalls have a lot to do with this that is why promotion is getting quicker. Don,t forget in this PC world you cannot write or say anything that puts someone down!
  3. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Dont forget some get downgraded due to injury on duty, should their career stop just because they cant do Phys
  4. If you are downgraded for a genuine reason then I do not think you should be held back in progressing through the ranks, however, there are too many Corporals in the corps who are happy to play the downgraded card at every turn and will do anything to get out of doing a bit of physical training.
  5. Regardless of fitness, you should be experienced, coursed up/qualified and recommended.

    If you are FE, then being fit and physically robust is also essential.

    If not, then being as fit as possible and working to get FE (where poss) is essential.

    If the lads are doing PT, then so should you, even if it is only in the gym rather than on the assault course/tab.
  6. Does anybody agree that downgraded JNCO's looking at promotion should be pushed towards going SIB. It's not like they do PT and lets face it the majority of SIB Sgts only went SIB because they knew they were going nowhere in GPD!!!
  7. And GPD is nowhere.

  8. Um............yes it is the Army not a social club.
  9. Harsh, but fair.
  10. Whoshould also be fit
  11. The current demands for fitness are something I do not recognise - understand yes. My time was marked by almost complete absence of any fitness regime. Wednesday afternoon sports were for Egyptian PT; the more saucy of use claimed sub-aqua as that put us out of reach of all comms. There was no need for great reserves of stamina. We did annual tests but they were a giggle. I failed one year when the test was taken the day after I came off my honeymoon. At interview I pointed out that rules for failures were posting back to better place than where we were. The F was neatly changed to P there and then. The only time I got near serious active service, the 'standard' degree of fitness was sufficient. Service in Canal Zone, Cyprus, Malaya, Aden was no challenge - in fact, we often worked in afternoons when skull and crossbones were flying to denote no outside activities.
    Going straight from Lcpl to SIB sergeant was undoubtedly an attraction. There was no requirement to have attained anything beyond the normal training. Those who did it for the wrong reasons were generally detected and dumped back to GPD before substantive rank was achieved.
  12. How would you know about the quality of GPD now? How long have you been out? Lets look at your average SIB SNCO, the average weight of the SIB instructors at DPC must be a good 15 stone and if you ask me that is not the sort of image we want to portray to recruits in phase 2 trg. On the other hand, GPD instructors at DPC tend to be your fitter more switched on juniors and seniors. I am sure you will agree that instructors at phase 1 and 2 establishments should be somebody the recruits aspire to be like. How many would aspire to be big fat scruffy gits who could not run the length of themselves!!!!
  13. I see GPD everyday. Haven't been out long. Wouldn't know about 15 stone instructors (unless you mean the female GPD ones?).

    The rest of your 'wind up' is pish.
  14. Pish but true!!!
  15. F9commit -
    One assumes that recruits to SIB have seen the instructors - hardly miss them if your description is correct. So - if the have seen the product and apply, they cannot be too repulsed. Being fat and scruffy is a personal choice and not part of the people description. Maybe they join because they wish to better themselves away from GPD. Should they wish to act like whippets, they can stay there. Their aspirations may be to actually add something to human endeavour in the work they do. I'm not religious but I used often to cross myself when I saw GPD - "There but for the Grace of God etc etc"