Qualities needed to be an IA ?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by THE_EDITOR, Feb 21, 2007.

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  1. On my initial interview in my new place the boss asked if I had thought of becoming an IA - I know little about them - what qualities are needed ??
    :cyclopsani: :sweatdrop:
  2. Blind, fat, a spotter when it comes to recognition, the love of clothes from charity shops and of course glasses that are like the bottom of milk bottles!

    Darksiders, breathe a sigh of relief as IAs are going to get it for a bit!
  3. You have just described me perfectly. :(
  4. That describes Eye_Spy perfectly!
  5. There are no real 'qualities' to become an IA. The spots, fat and propensity for charidee clothes are optional extras.

    You do need to pass an aptitude test which is not hard, and though it does check that the potential IA can use and see through a stereoscope, the test actually majors on other aspects, not just looking at pictures.

    Unless your boss is an IA himself I would question why he has said what he has said...at no point in my career was I ever told that I was IA material (then again now that I am an IA, no one has said that I am IA material!). Doing the cse for myself was a deliberate act on my part...there are some out there who did it as a means to escape one trade and found that it did not suit them, and there are those poor souls who were sent on the course/voluntold.

    The easiest thing to do is ring JSPI or whatever it is now called and see if you can take the test (I don't think that you have to do the cse if you pass) or speak to the CI down there and see for yourself.

    However, be warned you will turn into a GEEK!
  6. Yeah, because none of us non-IAs can be described as geeks...........
  7. 1. Eyes like a shithouse rat, in the dark, wearing Ray Bans
    2. An unhealthy aptitude for remembering the wheel nut configuration of a variety of vehicles
    3. A propensity for gazing aimlessly at an oblique view of a vast expanse of fuckall
    4. An aspiration to qualify for flying pay, ending up on a ground station, folding cam nets
  8. Nice! :lol:
  9. IA skills complement Cbt Int very well, but if you're a confirmed padlock rattler that's of little use. It doesn't necessarily tie you down to a life of driving round the Huntingdon ring road, you can go and be an admin b1tch for the gunners or do whatever the f@ck they do at Waddington - walt around in flying suits or be admin b!tch for the RAF I suppose.

    Or you can move back to the mainstream MI world and exploit the synergy between IA skills and the rest of the job.

    That said, allegedly the IA world is set for expansion so opportunities abound but how that differs from the rest of the undermanned Corps I'm not so sure.

    Plus - most importantly - you get to understand exactly how important box-bodies vehicles are .....
  10. And on top of all that you get a choice of anoraks for both work and formal occasssions.
  11. I have been told that SSgts will command TGSs in ASTOR and have more toys than most others so it is the responsibility bit I like - the flying bit is an aspiration but only when the planes are ready and thats a Crab problem at the moment. I dont like the thought of the geek status, but wonder what the operational value of IMINT is??
  12. Always a good idea to wait until the aircraft is ready before attampting to fly, well spotted Ed, you have the potential to go a long way.
  13. The first a/c is now at Wadders, though it has not been handed over to the Sqn yet.

    SSgt's do command the TGS of which IIRC there will be 8. It's not just having more toys, it will also be interpreting the feed from the a/c as there are only 2 airborne IA on the a/c. A large majority of the feed will be analysed at the TGS so it is also more face to face time with the Comd, interpreting his requirements to feed back to the a/c.

    IRRC ab IA's will be WO2-Capt, but the last I heard was that there was a physical (height and weight) requirement.

    IMINT has high value at all levels. JARIC (Strategic) can and does provide a tactical level picture to Comds. One of the skills as an IA is being able to support that tactical level from a Strategic source.
  14. Broadly speaking, IMINT is a much better strategic tool than a tactical one. Ops wise, things like BDA are extremely valuable and this is one of imagery's strengths.

    In COIN type Ops though, IMINT doesn't produce the same quantity of intelligence as say HUMINT, but that's not to say the usefulness of the product is any less. I would argue that if GOC MND(SE) was asked to discard either HUMINT or IMINT, he'd drop the imagery.

    I'm neither a HUMINTer or an IA, in case anyone is wondering.
  15. Hmmmm - I did MND(SE) and saw the HUMINT but I know the team doing the running around were always looking for imagery and there were lots of toys trying to get it - the one that was most useless according to those in the ISTAR cell was Phoenix...............