Qualities needed to be a HUMINTer

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by THE_EDITOR, Mar 7, 2007.

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  1. I have just had my COs intervew and he pushed the HUMINT line hard saying it was ideal for a second tour individual to think about - I hear all of the banter about it but what skills do I really need and how do I know if its for me ??
  2. North face jacket? Fancy sunglasses? Single and with a need to earn loads of cash whilst having no spare time ever?

    Go for it!
  3. Ed, could've sworn that you had been recommended to go as IA?

    See G2LB's comments, but factor in that 'you' do not know if you're ready, that will come out on the aptitude test. If you're found unsuitable you can go back again (IIRC). There is no shame in being found unsuitable, it just means that you are a well adjusted human being with normal ego levels.
  4. As stated above - Be single and enjoy hot, sunny climates. It also helps to have a thick skin as everyone who is not a HUMINTer will call you a cowboy w4nker. It happens, believe me See this link
  5. CR...?
  6. What's a cowboy wanker?
  7. shush?
  8. Oh yes...subtle
  9. *head exploded*
  10. Whoosh...there went another winter night...
  11. A hooker in a wild west saloon?

  12. Brokeback Mountain, chilled chardonnay, not too much vinagrette on the tossed salad, cows are settled, sun is high, the brook is babbling well...... what can a boy do now.......
  13. Mate, it's something to do with "Brokeback Mountain".
  14. Aye, puffer jacket, Diemaco t-shirt, Crag Hopper walking trousers, Merrell goretex trail trainers and a big watch so that you can tell what big time it is are all what I'd suggest if you want to be a huminter.

    I have seen the jacket replaced with a puffer body on occasion though..

    If you get bored with your 6 months on, 18 months off though, you can always change tack and go and talk to immigrants.. they say that's really easy and you basically get to sit on your arrse in a hotel all day! ;)

    Seriously though? I have no idea.. I'd guess a desire to go on tour a lot and a very strong desire to actually pass "The course" as well as the obvious qualities that people could reel off.
  15. whilst shopping for a new goretex jacket last week, my only stipulation to the nice lady was that it could not be a North Face jacket. luckily i got a nice alternative.

    imagine my surprise on reading the above - that i must now get rid of my beloved Crag Hoppers.

    i think i must apply a bit of risk management to this. i am prepared to take the risk that people will mistake me for a walking cliche. :)