Qualifying as an FAC

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Vaughany, Feb 28, 2008.

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  1. I wish to join the RAF Regiment and become a Forward Air Controller. However, if not all goes to plan, which regiment would be best suited to fulfill this roll?
  2. <Whispers> Inferring that the Infantry comes second best to the RAF Regt is a surefire way to ensure that either you get ripped to bits or, if you're lucky, get no answers whatsoever. You may wish to edit your post to just say "Which regiment would be best suited to fulfill this role?"

    Note, I've corrected the spelling for you. <Whispers>
  3. Ask on E-goat.
  4. In the RAF, they call it an Air Traffic Controller.
  5. It's JTAC not FAC. The Artillery would be your best bet if the RAF Regt falls through.
  6. Vaughany
    If you join the RAF Regt as and Officer or a Gunner, then you may get selected for FAC duties within a TACP or SFSG. However, the chances are that you will not (relatively few posts, lots of volunteers).

    Formation Recce Regts have individual FACs plus one TACP per Regt. Most FR FACs are cpl crew cdrs, not officers, and they will only fill FAC posts for a couple of years.

    The Royal Artillery has recently become the LAND proponents of FAC and aspire to 1 x FAC (usually a cpl OP Ack) per Fire Support Team (a total of 96 in a few years time). The Gunners have a few FAC-trained officers, but the officer is more likely to become a FST Cdr - choreographing Air, Avn and Land-based fires.

    RM also have FACs and these sit within 29 Cdo Regt RA, alongside Cdo-trained gunner FACs.

    Sadly, and unlike the US, there is no single Arm, Service, Regt or Corps that has a FAC career stream. FAC remains a discipline that most FACs will only undertake for one, possibly two, tours unless you get lucky (like me). If you want any more gen, then PM me. I work with and know FACs from from all 3 Services and may be in a position to 'manage' your expectations.
  7. Incorrect. The UK and NATO train 'FACs', not 'JTACs'. The US trains 'JTACs'. Our FACs are referred to as 'JTACs' in Afghan and Iraq because Theatre SPINS dictate that CAS is to be conducted iaw with Joint Publication 3.09-3 (US TTPs for CAS) and therefore the US term is used. However, the doctrinal definition of both FAC and JTAC are virtually identical.

    However, you are right to recommend the RA as they are investing heavily in FACs within their FSTs.
  8. No they do not. An Air Traffic Controller is a completely different beast to a FAC.
  9. Yup, one causes bangs, the other tries to stop them.

    If only I could remember which one was which? 8O
  10. Sush, you're no fun.
  11. Isn't Harry doing JTAC in Afghan?

    BTW flipflop you are one **** fecker. You're probably right, but there is no harm in correcting people a little more politely.
  12. Fuck me THe Gingerone has only been "outed" as an FAC for a few hours and now it's becoming popular! I look forward to hundreds of threads on How can I be an FAC, What is the best unit to Join to be an FAC? What boots do FAC's use? Brilliant.
    In answer to your question though either an FR Regiment or the RA ( WHo are trying to take over the whole FAC world!!)
  13. Not neccessarily, it depends on how the Regts manage their TACP's. FR officers are and always have been employed as FAC's. Have you not seen the news today :?

    However the best FR FAC's are SNCO's :wink:
  14. Ha :D . No, I got speaking to a Sqn Ldr with the RAF Regiment two years ago. He did it in Afghanistan attached to 16 Air Assault and the idea sort of stuck.
  15. How long have the RAF Regiment being involved in the FAC role? The reason why I ask is that it used to be a role filled by Pilots.