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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by kimmy84, Jan 11, 2009.

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  1. I'd be most grateful for any information from Rads already serving. I am a qualified Rad and have been wanting to join up for a while now but always been suckered back to the NHS god knows why?! Just wanted to know what the situation is currently with Radiographer staffing levels in the army at the moment?

    Before I get told to use the search function and to go to my local Army recruitment centre etc no relevant/current info and the recruitment centre's give you numbers of people to contact which I am in the process of getting and doing :) Just wanted some informal info in the mean time.

  2. what exactly do you want to know, and where are you working at the moment?
  3. What would you know about working bald-eagle????
  4. Ventress

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    Youre back then D-L?
  5. I'm currently working as locum radiographer in london. Mainly wanted to know if the army is currently saturated with radiographers and if they have got enough at the moment. Then also wanted to know what rank you go in at after basic training. Don't throw knives at me but I was looking on the RAF's careers site to compare and they say "start your professional work at the rank of Corporal with the opportunity to be promoted to Sergeant 2 years later." Does the same apply for army?

    I've been following the debate about Rads and officer entry.. tin of worms :)

  6. really? Your memory can't be that bad surely xx It hasn't been that long.
  7. I had to wait 5 years as a Cpl & then with various course loading/unit problems, it was nearly 6 before I picked up my Sgt. I think things have been speeded up a bit, but now of course you have the added problem of newly qualified Radiogs coming out of uni with their Sgts. If you've been qualified a while, that might be interesting.
  8. So you are saying newly qualified Radiographers can have a higher ranking than someone with more experience in the actual job role? Strange!

    I cant believe there is so much difference between the Army, RAF and Navy with regards to promotion etc!
  9. Yes, that happens all the time because people get promoted on their time served, not time qualified. CPOs can train & retain rank so they come straight out higher ranking than almost all the Army radiographers (bar 4).

    Army radiographers are the slowest promoted & they've just made it worse by extending the time between ranks (sgt - ssgt, ssgt - WO). It's an interesting situation, but then throw the TA in & it all goes t!ts up cause they are almost all commissioned.
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