Qualified ODP - Which regiment to join?

Hello everyone,

Just a quick question on joining up as a qualified ODP. Soon I will hopefully be joining the regulars as a qualified ODP. I have already filled in the online form and at the time didn't know which regiment to join so I left it blank since I didnt mind.

I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations of which regiment to join if offerd a few or whether I would be able to request one when going for my interview/selection? 16 medical brigade sounds interesting and exciting if its what i think it is. Do they have ODP's as part of their field hospitals? If so does anyone know then requirements for joing? is it the same as the paras or same as all other RAMC jobs?

Apologies; thats not really a quick question at all, but I would appreciate any insight that could be offered on this.



You've got it the wrong way round. If you're joining as an ODP you can only join the RAMC. Once you've been through basic training and Phase 2 training (if you need it) you'll then be posted to a unit or a Regiment for X number of years. You can choose which one you'd prefer but it's not a given that you'll get it. Does that make sense?

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