I just wondered if someone could give me a little insight please, firstly I will fill you in on the background, I am currently working for a construction firm as a trainee quantity surveyor, I am currently just starting the second year of my HNC Building Studies.

Ok, now that’s me and what I’m doing at the moment, however I decided to join as I do not like working in an office and have had a genuine interest in joining up since I left school (I am now 21) I am looking to join the Royal Engineers as an Electrician however I need C grades in English, science and match. I did get C's in science and maths but not in English (which has actually got allot better since my GCSE’s)

When I spoke to the recruitment officer he said that they could shade that considering I did finish my HNC as it proves that I am literate, but here's the difficult but, I have just today been told that I am getting made redundant and they will not be putting me through my second year HNC so I was wondering if they may shade the D grade in English still considering I have a level 2 NVQ in painting and decorating (acquired through an apprenticeship) and a B-TEC in Building Studies (which was required once I had done my apprenticeship to start the HNC)

I know I should go to my career office but it isn't open at the weekends and would like to have an idea ASAP, any feedback would be useful, thank you.

I wouldn't overly worry. You'll sit Army tests which if you reach the required level will mean your lack of formal school qualifications won't matter.
sutton said:
I have done my BARB test and general litracy and nuumeracy I think I did ok on them. Just hope so. Thanks though.
If you achieved the required pass for your proposed trade then you will be fine.
Ok thank you very much, just another quik question. When they look at your previouse convictions do they look at 1 court appearance as 1 conviction even though its two charges such as criminal damage and assault? because I have recently appeared in court for those charges (pleaded guilty as i was in the wrong) but the onli thing is I also have a previouse for carrying an offensive weapon. (which was a piece of 2 x 4!! as stupid as it sounds)
im not sure its quite that straight forward. a mate of mine was a civvy qualified sparky, but without gcse passes in the required subjects at school. common sense would have suggested to at least allow him a crack at the assessment course, seen as he was a civvy sparky for a few years, but he was told to bore off in a slightly nicer way.

i believe the decision rests with the PSO's office.
Entry as a Military Engineer (Electrician) into the Royal Engineers requires grade C or above in Maths , English Language and one other. However have your thought about entry as a Electrician into the Royal Signals , it only specifies one C grade in Maths and as stated above, you have already acheived that.

Hope this helps.

Syn :)
yes thank you i have put royal signals down as my second option. whats the difference between the two though? do you still get a city & guilds qualification as in the engineers?
Electrician in the Royal Signals is not a sparky, its mostly generator work to power comms kit. There are no quals like 16th edition etc.

If you want to be a sparky then go RE.
RE - Electrician Quals said:
At this stage, you could get a City & Guilds Parts 1 & 2 Electrical Installations 36905 and City & Guilds requirements for Electrical Installation 2381.

Royal Signals - Electrician Quals said:
City & Guilds certificates for dedicated Electricians, including: Basic Engineering Competencies;Engineering Systems Maintenance (Parts 1 and 2); Management of Electrical Equipment Maintenance;Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment; and City & Guilds Level 3 in Electrical Installation.

Disco said:
If you want to be a sparky then go RE.
Disco's spot on. Wannabe sparkys is in RE - However what with you having a subtle difficulty with your one grade down , thought it might be the next best thing.

Hope This Helps

Syn :)

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