Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Damnation, Oct 8, 2008.

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  1. All my qualifications are up to scratch except my english, its a D/E i was a pleb in school.
    Anyway What alternatives will the army accept, i am looking to do a quick course to being my GCSE english up to around a C. but to do the GCSE would take some time. so i was hoping for some sort of NVQ or Keyskills etc, but i am unaware of what the army will accept in regards to qualifications.

    it was meantioned about "shading" my english result. but not alot was said accept that, all the trades that i like the sound of require a C grade in english(unfortunately).

    So if anyone has any idea as to what is acceptable please let me know!
  2. they say they will accept key skills level 2 in literacy because its the equivalant to a c.

    I would check with your careers officer because I was told that they would accept my BTEC national diploma in health and social care along with my key skill in numeracy and then when we spoke to the captain she said they wouldn't accept it so I had to resit my maths gcse.

    It may be different for each corps though, so the best person to ask is your careers officer because they will be able to contact the right person for you.
  3. Go down to the careers office and speak to a careers advisor.
    Get the Barb test done, then discuss your options with them.
  4. i've done my barb test i got a 75.

    i'm just lacking in english. i'll pop down again next week. i've got docs/opticians this week for the forms to be filled out for the army. i'll ask when i hand those over.
  5. Good stuff.. What trades you looking into, just out of interest?
  6. The main one i'm looking at is "Communications Systems Engineer" the other i had thought about simply due to the fact that i need to have 2-3 is Avionics Technician.

    Unfortunately they both require a C in english, i know i can pass that no problem but a GCSE will take time to complete as far as i know. so i was looking into an equivalent that i could do as a fast paced qualification.
  7. I've been in a similar situation to yourself - see my previous post from a few days ago; http://www.arrse.co.uk/cpgn2/Forums/viewtopic/t=106136.html

    If you scroll to about half way down you'll find what happened with me, and it might help to put your mind at rest.

    But (as someone has already stated above) the only clear answer can come from your ACIO, after they've made a phone call and found out whether they can get a shading ref' for you or not.
  8. Thanks, i've had a read of that, sounds promising, one thing i noticed is our ACIO's are alike, both were in the Rifles, and both didn't steer us in any direction.

    his comment to me was to go look for roles around my grades, come back with the forms and he'll chat to me about them, he won't influence my decision unless he thinks i am going down the wrong route.

    what i'll do is buff up on my maths and english as its been some time since i used either in a testing environment, then monday go to my ACIO and see what can happen from there.
  9. Not a bad idea - as you'll have to do the Technical Selection Test at ADSC too.

    I'm presently working through a "Higher level" GCSE Maths workbook, and it's shocking how much I've forgotten in the past 15yrs since passing the exam.
    Fractions, decimals, ratios and percentages are ok, basic algebra isn't too bad, and trigonometry isn't too taxing - but quadratic equations?!?!?!?!?!?!
  10. Ok here is my advice
    Take it or leave it

    A. Yes your English can be shaded, however which ever Corp you are entering will take the guys with the right grades first.
    B. Shading is done on a case by case level some people get it some dont.
    C. If the job is popular than chance of shading is low (see first line of post)
    D. Keys skills will not be taken as a substitute.