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Im currently studying up at college at the moment but am a bit bored with it already and have another year to go. I was wondering if i joined the army now at what point could i start to study for qualifications in the army?
Phase one and two training will be too busy to study.You will have to do any quals on your own time really though.
However I would recommend finishing your quals first before you join up!
Obviously depends on what corps/regiment you join, but pretty much every regiment/corps will offer basic quals to you as soon as you're in, and then you can build on these as you progress up the career ladder.
MSI64 said:
Are we talking GCSE type quals or NVQ on the job quals??
NVQs innit? I know if I join the HCav, I will gain an NVQ lvl 2 in equine management or an NVQ lvl 2 in motor engineering/maintenance (I think thats the title, could be wrong).

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