Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by digger8205, Jun 26, 2007.

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  1. Not sure if this is in the right place or not but looking for help none the less. I've been in the Sigs for 8 1/2 years and looking to get out at about my 12 year point. I've not long done my IS Eng Class 1 but i don't know what qualifications I have (IS -> Civ). Can anyone help me. I called Blandford and they don't give out that information any more. I know i've got another 3 years to push but i want to get a cv ready for the end of this posting as that's when i'll be signing off.

    Cheers :D
  2. I suggest you transfer to a real corps then while you still have a little time left to build a decent portfolio.
  3. You may have to do it hte hard way.

    If you have a copy of the things you have qualified in, you may be able to send it off to somewhere like the OU, who can tell you what they will give you and how many points you need to get the various quals.

    Then you can use your ILC/ELC to gain them.

    Failing that read your quals and compare them with the synopis of what you need to cover on a course.

    Unless they recognise Blandford as a examiner though, you may have to start from scratch.

    OU are pretty easy to take part in though, you don't hav to go for the full degree, but can work up to it, picking up certificates along the way. Failing that see what NVQs are available. They are all evidence based, and you collect the evidence from the things that you do every day in work.

    I have a few mates in the civi IT industry, and they were quite impressed with the skills portfolio (on paper) of a Class 1 IS Op. So it is worth getting the quals in, prior to bailing.

    I would also get some others skills though, ie plumbing, sparky. The IT world can be a strange one, with loads of work one minute and zero work the next.
  4. Being an old fart, most of the InfoTech revolution happened whilst I was sleeping. However, if I was 20 years younger, I would be looking at CISSP. Backed up by a Degree in a relevant subject.
  5. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Digger, stick with getting your CV civilianised for now, I was in the same boat but at least you are thinking about it with enough time.
    You can find out a lot on the net, also try some of the centres that advertise in resettlement rags.
    You will probably end up with a mixed bag of NVQ's, C and G's etc with a bit of effort and expense - but try and plan a route to combine them to work towards a HND or degree level qual in case you need that in the future.
    If you are lost PM me, but I am not Google, but do your own research first.
  6. Talk to the IERO at your local Education Centre-giving people in your situation the information you are seeking here is exactly what he or she is paid for. Phone your local ed centre for an appointment for a "PD" (personal development) interview.
  7. Blandford's a big place. Who did you call?

    Surely you either have qualifications or you don't. You must remember attending the courses or receiving certificates. Your PDR's a great place for stuffing these for later action.

    If you're talking about trying to knock out a CV and equate your military skills and achievements then try http://www.army.mod.uk/royalsignals/resettlement/cv_writing.html. It's not too bad. I would suggest that you speak to your Supvr IS as he/she should be able to advise.
  8. I remember doing the course because it was 6 feckin months, but they don't tell you what the civi equivilent of the Informations Systems Engineers class 1 course are and you only get a certificate to say you are now a class 1. I think it was either course admin or resettlement that I called in Blandford but they said they used to tell people what the civi equivilent quals but don't any more.
  9. From what I have been told. There are no civilian recognised qualifications for the IS engineer course. That was the only reason that stopped my becoming an IS engineer. I stuck to Tech and now have my HNC to show for it.
  10. As has been suggested, try the OU route and see what PLA (prior learning accreditation?) you get for the courses you have attended. As long as you get a tutor with a bit of vision, you may be pleasantly surprised.
    (I found I had enough points that all I needed was to complete the final year to achieve a BSc, but that was some years ago)
  11. Cheers for the info, much appreciated.
  12. Course admin is just an office where they push out course joining instructions i.e. distribute paperwork. Resettlement is a very outward facing part of RHQ, nothing to do with training, and pushes out a newsletter advertising jobs from time to time.

    There is a specific accreditation section somewhere up in HQ DCCIS, but your best best is ask one of the Supvrs IS at either SOinC TDT or DCCIS IS Group, as they have the most up-to-date information and none of them are shy retiring types.

    The Class 1 course currently qualifies for City & Guilds 7262-25 Level 3 Diploma for IT Practitioners (ICT System Support).

    The Class 3 gets City & Guilds 7262-24 Level 2 Diploma for IT Practitioners (ICT System Support) and NVQ Level 3 (2781) Information Communications Technology (Professional).
  13. I wouldn't worry about quals too much on your CV if you are planning on leaving. Just make sure that royal siganls & your trade jump out when you look at it. Being a signals tech or IS engineer will open more doors than civi quals.

    It is then up to you to shine like a polished turd during the interview.
  14. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Depends what door you are knocking on - being ex-mil cuts both ways and has done for a while.
    Civvies only understand civvie quals, and many companies who have QMS certifications have to have certain skill levels - or pay to train people up.

    Work on your civvie CV and be well prepared for the big world when you get out - you might get lucky and find a position in a place that understands your mil background, but do you really want to bet on being that lucky..... :?